Share Instantly
Globaledit's Pinpoints let you share links with your team to direct them to the content you need them to see.
How do globaledit's Pinpoints work?
Whether it's a specific asset or entire collection, you can share a unique link to specific content you want your team members to see. Pinpoints seamlessly direct remote teammates' attention exactly where you need it within globaledit.

Send a Pinpoint directly through globaledit's sharing functionality. Recipients will get a notification via email that links them to the asset or collection.
Pinpoints plug into your project management system
Whether you use an enterprise project management system or something simple like google sheets, you can easily share the specific link to your content and other campaign assets.
Pinpoints work directly with @mentions
Pinpoints works in conjunction with globaledit's @mentions functionality. Simply share or @mention a team member to send them a Pinpoint. You can leave @mentions in comments, markups, and more.
  • @mentions
    Generate a message for an asset, an entire shoot, or a collection and send to as many team members as you like.
  • Asset Sharing
    Share assets with teammate via Pinpoints sent directly from globaledit. No more having to dig through folders and workspaces.
  • Team Visibility
    Everyone assigned to a specific project can view comments, ratings, and markups.
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