Capture / Upload

High Speed Uploads

Leveraging advanced upload technology, assets are uploaded at high speed regardless of file size, transfer distance or network condition.


Automatically upload any new files placed into a designated 'watch' folder from your computer. 

Mobile Uploads

Upload directly from your mobile device using the globaledit app for iOS. 

Guest Uploads

Invite partners or vendors to easily and securely upload files into your globaledit account. 

Maintain Metadata & Tagging

Metadata from camera, Capture One, and other sources are retained when files are imported into globaledit, making it avaialable for search, sort, or export. 

Asset Library

Flexible Display Modes

View images in multiple layouts to fit your needs given the task at hand. Use grid view to see your entire library, full screen to see the image in detail, or 2-up to compare images. 

Drag and Drop Reorganization

Drag and drop assets or folders to organize your library in the way that best serves your team. 


Keep low-res + hi-res images together by appending versions or formats (CR2, PSD, TIFF, etc.) to a preview file. 


Use filter combinations to narrow down content to find specific images you need. Filter by color label, rating, markup and more. 


Powerful search capabilities can find one picture in a million almost instantly. Save frequent queries so it's easy to find anything and everything. 

Review & Approval

Ratings & Approvals

Apply industry standard ratings (including select, kill, stars) and more to images and videos. Keyboard shortcuts make running through thousands of images a snap. 


Our asset notes let anyone comment on an image and presents a unified summary of all comments and conversations. 


Direct notes or comments directly at anyone in your organization by calling them out with @mentions. 

Contact Sheets

Create instant PDF contact sheets for on-screen review or to be printed or emailed to anyone you choose. 


Industry Standards

Support for Adobe Photoshop, Dublin Core, IPTC Core, XMP basic, and other popular metadata formats. Capture One and Adobe Bridge panels ensure metadata syncs with other applications. 

XMP Import / Export

Upload or download XMP files to preserve your metadata. 

Custom Schemas / Panels

Create custom schemas or panels to ensure metadata is mapped exactly as you'd prefer. 

Bulk Modifications

Tag images quickly with bulk metadata updates. 


Image Markup

Draw shapes and lines directly on any image to note changes and add text comments for retouchers. 

Video Markup

Make frame accurate video comments (web and iOS) to give specific feedback at specific time codes. 

PDF Markup

Create and share comments on PDF files that everyone on your team can view. 

Mobile Markup

Use our iOS app to markup images and videos on-the-go. 



Upload video files in standard formats and our optimized transcoding engine processes your content for online and mobile. 

Frame-Accurate Comments

Add comments to specific points in your videos via web or using our iOS app. Visual marks make it easy to review existing comments. 



Share files by adding them to a 'virtual folder' and emailing access to anyone with or without a globaledit account. 

Approval Galleries

A simple way to share assets for the specific task of asking others to approve, kill, or comment on images or videos. 

Contact Sheets

Create instant PDF contact sheets and email them directly to anyone. 

iOS App

Native App Functionality

Our iOS app delivers the powerful capabilities of our desktop experience, optimized for your iPhone or iPad. 

Image Review

Quickly view high-res images or videos. Swipe through hundreds of images in grid or full-screen mode. Zoom with just a pinch. 


Make selects, approve, or assign star ratings to any photo or video via iOS from anywhere. All mobile ratings are instantly visible by your team, so they can see what you thought on desktop or mobile. 


Create markups on images from your phone. Easily share markups PDF's to keep projects moving while you're on the go. 


Watch high quality videos, and enjoy smooth scrubbing to find the exact frames you need. 


Upload images or videos into globaledit directly from your phone or tablet. 


Granular Permissions

File level control over download rights, visible watermarks, and when access expires. 


Discourage misuse by automatically watermarking your most sensitive content.

Asset Notes

All asset level actions are recorded, so there is no wondering who rated, downloaded, or approved what. 

Two-Step Authentication

Add an additional layer of security to your logins with two-step verification. Two-step requires users to enter a specific code delivered via SMS/email in order to access globaledit on a new device. 


Roles / Permissions

Easily define who has access to specific content and if they can rate, modify, or download it. 

Account Settings

Manage accounts within your account group, enable account-wide watermarks and more. 


Manage large teams by putting similar users into a group to reduce time managing users or assigning access to your content.