Getting Started

Is globaledit right for me?

Any company working with a high volume of digital assets is an ideal customer, but globaledit also offers smaller organizations a project-based solution. Our core customer industries include media and entertainment, retail, fashion, beauty, eCommerce, advertising and publishing. If you work with a team of creative, marketing, PR, IT, production or design - small or large- globaledit is the ideal workflow management tool. Contact our solutions consultant directly to create the perfect workflow for you and your team. We work closely with all of our clients to customize a creative workflow management solution based on their needs.

How does my creative team get started with globaledit?

It is extremely easy! Most of our customers get up and running on globaledit in as little as one day*. Once you sign up you will have immediate access to the platform by logging in on your computer, iPad, iPhone or mobile device. Your dedicated account manager will work to onboard you and your team through a customized process. Check out the Quickstart Guide for more information on how to get started. *Note that completion may vary based on response time from client. If you are part of a larger organization, the onboarding process take longer than normal due to your availability and solution scope.

What kind of support is offered if I need help-both during onboarding and thereafter?

globaledit takes pride in offering the best customer service in the industry. Your personal account managers work with you every step of the way when it comes to getting started. Whether you need help with specific features or help creating a customized workflow process you are taken care of. After you are fully ramped on globaledit, you will continue working with your dedicated account manager located in our New York or Los Angeles offices, who understand your specific workflow needs. If you would like to learn more about globaledit’s advanced support packages contact us and mention support packages.

Is globaledit customizable?

globaledit is fully customizable to fulfill your specific company workflow requirements. The following features and tools are available for customization:
  • Security
  • User rights
  • Permissions and retention policy
  • Logo watermarks
  • Branded interface
  • Metadata schema
  • Speed, Performance, Technology, Security

    Do I need to download or install anything on my computer for globaledit?

    In order work at top speed (see "How fast is globaledit?" below) each user will need to download Aspera. Aspera is an easy-to-install web browser plug-in that powers high-speed uploads and downloads, compatible with most standard browsers. If you would like to utilize the globaledit iOS mobile applications on your iPad and iPhone, visit the Apple Store to download the app right from your device.

    How fast is globaledit?

    With Aspera’s patented faspTM transport technology, assets distribute 100x faster than FTP, regardless of file size, transfer distance or network conditions. In addition, globaledit is integrated with additional tools like JPEGmini and Akamai that speed up your workflow. JPEGmini Media Optimization Technology provides customers with the ability to view images of the highest quality and share them at speeds up to five times faster than previously possible. Images and videos are visually identical to the originals and delivered at speeds never before possible while the image file size is significantly reduced. globaledit leverages Akamai’s industry leading content delivery network (CDN) to present assets quickly, securely and reliably anywhere in the world. Precise bandwidth control ensures the entire allocation bandwidth is utilized to achieve maximum transfer speeds, while remaining fair to other business-critical network traffic.

    Can images be instantly available in globaledit?

    globaledit offers an add-on desktop application tool called GEDi that recognizes new digital assets and uploads them to globaledit automatically, right from your capture station. Ask your globaledit representative about this add-on feature.

    Can you control the rights of different users in globaledit? Can I share images with people outside of globaledit?

    You can control the rights of different users in globaledit with our robust security and administration features. See the Features page for more information. You also have the ability to create a library of specific assets called a “lightbox”, and share with anyone inside or outside of the organization. The ability to share Lightboxes helps you cut down the number of users, while enabling distribution and sharing to those who need them.

    Are my digital assets safe and backed up on globaledit?

    Rest assured that your photos and videos are in the best hands with globaledit. The platform offers a variety of security features such as password expiration and user permissions, asset rights, encryption, watermarking, SSL and more. In addition, all assets are stored in our secure on-premise and back up data centers that are protected by a variety of physical and electronic security measures. See the Features page for more information.

    Can I use any Internet browser with globaledit?

    You may use any browser with globaledit.

    Workflow, Collaboration and Activity Tracking

    What type of files can I upload into globaledit? Are there file size or volume limitations within the system?

    Upload any low or high-res, FS previewable file type with no file size or volume limitations. The globaledit team works with you to create the perfect solution for your workflow, which is based on users, uploads and storage. See for more information.

    Can I upload metadata into globaledit?

    globaledit offers full lifecycle support for XMP metadata, including standard and custom schemas. You can automatically import ratings and data from popular applications (CaptureOne, Lightroom, Photo Mechanic, etc.) and export for integration with other systems. Ask about our add-on metadata services, whereby your dedicated account manager applies metadata using industry-standard schemas or your own fully customized schemas for your team.

    Can you track activity of each user within globaledit?

    globaledit provides a dashboard and detailed reports of who does what, when. Keep track of what’s happening across your globaledit account including uploads, downloads, user activity and more.

    Affordability, Integration, Scale

    How much does globaledit cost?

    globaledit charges a low monthly fee based on number of users, storage and uploads. Our team will work to create the most affordable and scalable package that fits your needs. The benefits and value of globaledit are unmatched in the market.

    Is there a long term contract for globaledit?

    globaledit may be used on a project or monthly basis with no annual commitment. globaledit also boasts a first-class, in-house agile development team that ongoingly (and frequently) provides our customers with new features and updates - at no additional charge. Once you are a globaledit customer you will not be “nickeled and dimed” to receive system improvements, new features or updates.

    Am I required to have a DAM system to use globaledit? Does globaledit integrate with other providers?

    You do not need a DAM system to use globaledit. In fact, some of our clients use globaledit as their long-term archive. Customers work with globaledit from shoot to asset approval and then send those approved high-res assets into North Plains DAM solutions, including Telescope and Xinet, with a few clicks of the mouse. At this time globaledit does not integrate with Adobe Creative Suite.

    Do my photos and videos expire after a certain amount of time?

    You may use globaledit for your long-term archive or short-term storage solution. If you use globaledit as your long-term archive, your assets will never expire. If you use globaledit for short term storage, you will need to organize and remove assets as required in order to avoid additional storage costs. Your dedicated account manager can work with you to determine what works best for your workflow when it comes to storing your digital assets.

    Is there an advantage of using globaledit's sister divisions?

    globaledit is part of Industrial Color Brands, a family of vertically-integrated, full service creative production and software companies. For over 20 years, many of our customers reap the benefits of leveraging one trusted provider with their complete creative production needs. Divisions include Fast Ashleys Studios (full service equipment and studio rentals), Impact Digital (retouching and CGI) and Industrial Color Productions (video and photography post production services). Visit the Company page to learn more.