globaledit turns your browser into a secure cloud-based collaborative workspace for enterprise-class creative production

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  • Upload files up to 100X faster than FTP. No more waiting for hard drive delivery.
  • Intuitive interface lets you quickly cull thousands of images to find the high value selects in significantly less time.
  • Easy-to-use interface lets you quickly review and filter thousands of photos to make your selects instantly.
  • Easy commenting and powerful markup tools help your team collaborate — and keep the process moving.
  • Secure logins and integrated security — verified by third-party audits — safeguard your content.


globaledit desktop automatically uploads from your computer to globaledit.

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  • Photos are immediately available in your globaledit account, allowing remote teams to interact and collaborate live.
  • Set up a ‘hot folder’ on your desktop once, and any new folders or files will automatically upload to globaledit.

Mobile Apps

Our iPad and iPhone app give creatives access on the go.

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  • Our native iOS8 app provides the speed and security of globaledit web.
  • On a plane or off the grid, offline or online, every minute counts with globaledit.
  • Supports high res photos and full HD video.
  • Comment, rate and markup photos and videos with the swipe of a finger.

Advanced Functionality and Additional Services

globaledit offers advanced features and professional services
that will accelerate your workflow process.


Use Transport to keep images on globaledit web in sync with the files on your local network. Leverage your existing DAM and automate your workflow.

Upload Services

globaledit’s account team is here to help. Keep your focus on creative production while we upload photos and videos for you.

Approval Gallery Services

Provide talent with a simple way to view and proof photos and videos via the web or mobile. To save even more time—let your globaledit account team create and manage approval galleries for you. Oversee the activity and see live status updates at any time.


Makes it easy for creatives to upload without direction. Send a link to anyone who needs to upload assets directly into globaledit. Define metadata with key details in advance to ensure your team has all the right assets at their fingertips.

Talent Tagging Services

Your globaledit account team can tag specific talent using the metadata schema you specify, so your project moves into production faster.

Custom User Interface

Brand globaledit with a customized landing page featuring your company's logo and high-res imagery on the main interface. Define your folder structure and metadata schemas to fit your workflow. Streamline your process while promoting your brand.

Metadata Services

globaledit maintains all standard metadata during uploads, giving you robust metadata editing and search capabilities. Let your account manager apply metadata using industry-standard schemas or your own fully customized schemas.

Long-Term Archiving

Ask your globaledit account manager about our long-term archival services. We provide ongoing archive maintenance and on-demand retrieval, as well as archiving to LTO tapes.