Managing creative production and photography at scale

DAM NYC Meetup • 56:48 • Filmed July 2015

From scheduling photo shoots for editorial vs. eCommerce to delivering massive volumes of images and videos to multiple distribution channels, our guest speakers share the behind-the-scenes of their creative operations.

Learn how eBay Enterprise, Lafayette 148 NY, J. Crew and Swimsuit For All manage their creative production and photography workflow with real-world learning experiences and best practices. 

Favorite quotes

“The expectations for eCommerce photography are only getting larger, not smaller.” – Deanna Bedoya, Lafayette 148 NY

“Art directors are now looking at three or four times the volume of images they used to a couple of years ago because the content distribution channels have become so immense.” – Jim Zdancewicz, eBay Enterprise

Guest speakers

  • Deanna Bedoya, Director of Creative Services, Lafayette 148 New York
  • Sara Mitzner, Content Director, Swimsuits For All
  • Nikki Schiwal, Senior Digital Archivist, J. Crew
  • Jim Zdancewicz, Head of Global Content and Creative Production, eBay Enterprise