Different Features for Your Role.
Globaledit supports you throughout the entire creative production with tools tailored to your needs. Globaledit is designed with all creatives in mind, no matter your creative focus.
Empowering Creative Sectors.
Globaledit facilitates collaboration across a diverse range of creative industries. All creative sectors benefit from globaledit’s ability to connect creatives at every step of their workflow.

Retail and eComm

Improve Your Time-to-Site with Enhanced Collaboration.

  • 01
    Unlimited Storage
    With globaledit, you can quickly and securely upload millions of visual assets.
  • 02
    Efficient Review & Approve
    Quickly apply industry standard ratings (including select, kill, stars) to images, and comment with @mentions.
  • 03
    Automated Distribution
    Distribution to downstream partners (retouching, social, and eCommerce) is automated.
“It’s so fast! Globaledit has drastically cut the time it takes to get approvals back from talent.”
Susanna Martin, Manager of Photography, Nickelodeon Kids & Family

Media & Entertainment

Streamline Your Talent Approval Process.

  • 01
    Efficient Communication
    Sending contact sheets to your talent is a seamless process. Instantly create PDFs for easy sharing.
  • 02
    Fast Approvals
    Talent can securely view, approve, or kill images on any device anywhere.
  • 03
    Visibility of Reviews
    Control a percentage of approvals or kills for each gallery based on contractual requirements.
“Our creative team loves Globaledit because it’s easy to use. Using this platform saves us time and money, which translates into more production capacity.”
Paul Nicholson, VP of Print & Broadcast Production, Showtime Networks


Enhance Collaboration with Your Brand Partners.

  • 01
    Effective Collaboration
    Quickly apply industry standard ratings (including select, kill, stars) to images. Key staff can leave comments on visual assets.
  • 02
    Simplify Decision-Making
    A log of all comments and conversations, dated and time-stamped, is recorded for an accurate asset history.
  • 03
    Centralized Database
    Slash production timelines by having only one repository for all your creative assets.
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