Image Management

Your Branding
Branding is everything. Control your brand and asset production with Globaledit's word class asset management. Tell your story, with your images, the way you want.
What do you want your creative assets to say?
Image management allows you and your team to control the look and feel of your brand. When all of your creative assets are stored within globaledit, it makes it easier to access, edit, and use these images across your organization.
  • Versions
    Creative assets and versions are stored in one place, making it easier for the entire team to weigh in on the final product.
  • Content
    Store an endless amount of content that ensures your creative assets are always accessible, whenever you need them.
  • Collaboration
    Collaborate on each layer of the asset with comments, ratings, and edits all on the same dashboard.
“Once the team saw how easy globaledit was and how it solved our workflow problems, they quickly jumped on board ”
Spencer Harris, Photo System Administrator, Men’s Wearhouse Networks
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