Globaledit Sync
Content management on overdrive
With globaledit Sync, upload assets to your workspace as they are created–not at the end of the shoot.
Upload once, sync constantly
Track sync activity
See the status of every file being uploaded to your workspace in real-time.
Customize the file extensions you import
Don’t have time to separate raw files from processed? Exclude any file extensions from being imported and organize your shoot later.
Bring your workspace to life
With globaledit Sync, sync your workspace folder once and add assets throughout the project. We take care of the rest.
Stay up-to-date
Take a break and schedule notifications so you don’t miss anything during your sync.
Always secure
Your assets will always be safe because only you can access your workplace.
Thought we were done? There’s more.
Multiple account support, CSV activity export, auto-schedule syncs
  • Upload to any workspace or account you have access to within your organization.
  • Export your sync activity as a CSV to make sure every file gets uploaded, every time.
  • Multiple shoots at once? Auto-schedule syncs so that everything gets uploaded by end of day.
Experience globaledit Sync and accelerate your daily workflow