Globaledit LINK
The Mac and Windows app that makes your workflow native
Globaledit LINK is a Mac and Windows desktop application. LINK allows access to globaledit natively without the need to launch a traditional internet browser.
If using Aspera, please utilize Aspera version 3.10.1 for Mac and version 3.9.9 for Windows, available for download below.
Access Instantly
Download globaledit LINK one time to continuously access seamlessly.
What is globaledit LINK?
Globaledit LINK is a desktop application that allows you to move through your creative process, natively, forgoing the need for a browser.
Why will you be using globaledit LINK?
As of Dec 31st 2020, Flash browser support will no longer be available. This will permanently disable Flash from running on any browsers. However, globaledit took the necessary measures needed to ensure this will not affect your work. You will be able to use globaledit as you expect, with the only difference being that it will be accessed via an app instead of a browser.
Will it be easy to use?
Download globaledit LINK one time allowing you to access content seamlessly moving forward.
Is it secure?
Globaledit LINK ensures full access to all features and functionality while keeping your content secure. Globaledit LINK is available within Windows and Apple App stores for simple, secure access.
Use globaledit LINK ahead of your migration
  • Adobe recognizes that Flash is still used by companies across the globe. Therefore, Adobe has agreed to provide enterprise grade support and enablement for companies during the transition from Flash. Globaledit LINK will be easily accessible to all current clients starting in October via a download link on the webpage.
Experience globaledit LINK and accelerate your daily workflow