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Frequently Asked Questions

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For Creatives
DAM stores, organizes, and disseminates digital assets from a central hub.

Yes, globaledit is the leading enterprise DAM solution. You can store all of your company assets within globaledit forever.

Creative Asset Management is similar to DAM, but with an emphasis on creative value. Globaledit is designed to aid end-to-end digital workflows of creative teams with Approve and Kill functionality, Approval Galleries, asset rights, workflow automation, communication and more.

Track talent approvals in globaledit by submitting Approval Galleries directly to talent and/or their agents for approvals, kills, or other feedback. All results are reportable and exportable.

Globaledit offers comments, sharing, rating, and a completely transparent system of communication with your team.

Work In Progress refers to projects or assets that are still with the creative team and not yet finalized.

Easily add annotations and comments with the Markup Editor on both web and mobile, including iOS & Android platforms.

Metadata lets you mark individual images with searchable tags. Filter jobs by these tags and create saved searches of images. Share them as Collections or send to talent as Approval Galleries.

Upload new rounds of retouching directly on the old assets. This makes it far easier to keep track of changes. Consolidate the file management process instead of juggling different folders for each round.

Upload assets to any workspace or account you have access to within your organization. Export your sync activity as a CSV to make sure every file gets uploaded, every time.

For Techs

Yes, we partner with top-tier security teams for a quarterly audit across the plaftorm. Our globaledit app is also verified by the Mac and Windows stores for security.

Yes, the globaledit app is available in any modern web browser. The globaledit Sync app is also available natively for Mac and Windows.

XMP files allow you to transfer your image metadata, ratings, tags, keywords, geolocation, and other attributes about the image outside of the actual JPG, CR2, or other file.

Frequently Asked Questions, globaledit®

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