Custom Integrations

Integrated Software is More Efficient

Globaledit offers developers access to API Keys that allow for proprietary programs to communicate with one another as well as with globaledit.

Custom Integrations, globaledit®

What are Custom Integrations and What are the Use Cases?

Custom integration allow developers to quickly and easily integrate with a Project Management System, Digital Asset Management System, Email Management System, Content Management System, and more.

If an organization has a proprietary system they use to handle a core part of their creative operations, developers from the organization can access globaledit’s API in order to integrate globaledit with the proprietary system.

The Product team and the Creative team work together to set triggers and actions for the integration, ex, Digital Tech adds assets to globaledit which triggers the other system to create a task. Your team can seamlessly work within multiple systems that all transfer data to each other without disrupting production.

How to Get Started

Request your API key

Reach out to globaledit’s development team and generate
an API key to start setting up your custom integrations.

How are Custom Integrations Beneficial?

Integrate with tools you use everyday such as PIM, CMS, DAM, Project Management, and more. Custom integrations facilitate automation with saves time and money. Integrations set rules for how systems communicate with each other, making it easy to set important processes.

More efficient functionality allows organizations to add features, use existing features, or create their own. You have the freedom to build integrations that suit your business needs.

Custom Integrations, globaledit®