Creative Production Collaboration  for Brand Partners

Globaledit offers creative production collaboration for advertising agencies. Our online Creative Asset Management system improves partner collaboration and provides an elevated experience.


Managing multiple projects, thousands of images and dozens of co-workers, partners, and brands requires a platform built for creative collaboration. With our photography and video production platform for advertising agencies, everyone is on the same page start to finish. Our creative collaboration tool allows for simple organization and alignment of agency divisions with associated brands. Learn more about the successful brand partners using globaledit.


With our project management software for advertising agencies, you can simply update partners on the progress of a project starting from capture. Review and approvals in globaledit give you the ability to apply industry standard ratings (including select, kill, star 1-5 and approve) and more to images and videos. Asset notes and markups let anyone comment on an image and presents a unified summary of all comments and conversations.


With globaledit, quick & easy sharing (between agency & partner) is simple. Building out content libraries and archiving is no longer a time-consuming task. With an interface similar to Capture One and Photoshop, globaledit provides a familiar interface that creatives can easily adapt. Globaledit has a library structure where you can add as many folders and subfolders as you would like. Drag and drop assets and folders to organize your library in a way that best serves your agency.


Seamlessly take advantage of permissions & assignments to control project level access & client sharing. Globaledit’s @mentions allow direct notes and comments to be made at anyone in your organization. With globaledit, you can share files by adding them to a ‘virtual folder’ and emailing access to anyone with or without a globaledit account.