A series of web-based classes, led by industry experts, that will take deep dives into specific aspects of the creative production process.

Photo Metadata is eCommerce Gold

In this masterclass, we cover the new value that metadata provides, best practices for the effective bulk capture and append of metadata and how you, as a creative, are delivering your business more value than ever. WATCH MASTERCLASS >

Automating Metadata to Enable ‘Smarter Assets’

This masterclass presents a radical new vision for photo production, based on the concept of ‘smarter assets’ produced through automated metadata tagging. Not only can ‘smarter assets’ accelerate the creative production process, they can deliver significant cost savings over traditional photo workflows. WATCH MASTERCLASS >

Segmenting Hi-Res and Low-Res Workflows

Creative operations expert, David Iscove, discusses segmenting hi-res and low-res workflows to accelerate review and approval, post production processes, and asset delivery. WATCH MASTERCLASS >



Building a best-in-bread creative production tech stack: Understanding the nuance differences between systems.


The metadata holy grail: Designing a metadata schema for immediate communication and long-term access.