Communications Art presents 2017 trends & techniques in photography & advertising

Creative Ops Breakfast • 45:22 • Filmed January 2017

Communication Arts has been the benchmark for creative excellence for nearly six decades, even as so many competitors have fallen by the wayside. Through editorials, feature articles and annual competitions it sponsors, CA provides new ideas and information while promoting the highest professional standards for the field.

One vital component of that excellence has been the magazine’s long-running annual competitions, which are judged by some of the industry’s top creative professionals. Patrick Coyne, editor, and designer at Communications Art reviews the past award winners’ work and shared some of the key trends in photography and advertising that the jury has noticed over the years.

Favorite quotes

Something we see especially in photography but also in the illustration world is how quickly visual trends show up and spread.” – Patrick Coyne, Communications Art

I was struck by the large extent that commercial photography has been influenced by the culture and aesthetics of social media platforms such as Instagram.– Judge Claire Rosen, Claire Rosen Photography

Standing out of the crowd wasn’t so much about originality as it was about clarity of approach and dedication to the craft. The best pieces weren’t the cleverest or the most carefully photoshopped, but the ones with strong ideas and equally strong executions.– Patrick Barber, Creative Director at Timber Press

About the speaker

Patrick Coyne is editor and designer of Communication Arts. In addition to determining the layout and content of the magazine, Patrick writes feature stories and the editor’s column. He has also guest lectured at numerous creative institutions, including clubs and universities. The recipient of numerous awards for his design and art direction (including a silver medal from the Society of Illustrators), he received the 2004 Design Leadership Award from the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Prior to joining CA in 1986, Patrick studied at the California College of the Arts, worked for Michael Mabry Design and SBG Partners, and established the multi-discipline Patrick Coyne Stephanie Steyer Design Office.