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Slash production times with streamlined collaboration.
Creative collaboration made easy
Streamlining your creative processes and centralizing your collaboration slashes production timelines. Globaledit’s creative collaboration platform drives communication between all stakeholders and teams.
Creative Collaboration
  • Collaborate Anywhere, Anytime
    Take your entire creative process online with globaledit’s creative collaboration platform. You can now collaborate and communicate on all your content with key stakeholders anywhere, anytime.
  • Shorten the Approval Process
    The approval process is a lengthy undertaking when multiple systems, steps, and manual tasks are necessary. With one collaboration platform, the approval process can be condensed and shortened.
  • Consolidate Comments
    Provide detailed commenting on the asset during the review and approval process. All key stakeholders can comment on the asset and provide updates in real time.
  • Be in the Know
    One source of communication— from capture to delivery of production—allows everyone to gain the insights they need. With globaledit, creative collaboration is made transparent.
Inclusive Creativity
  • Simplify Your Content
    No longer waste time on trying to sort through multiple versions and drafts. Globaledit’s versioning simplifies your content and allows all stakeholders to access and compare the right version.
  • Clear Communication
    Notify all team members involved in the creative process throughout the asset lifecycle. Status updates are provided to the right team members to push content out quickly.
  • Inclusive Creativity
    Rate, markup, edit, and tag assets faster in an inclusive creative collaboration. Globaledit’s voting system allows all necessary members to approve content simultaneously.
Version Control
  • Keep Up-to-Date
    Be in the know with globaledit’s versioning. All relevant team members receive notifications when another version is added, keeping everyone on the same page. Globaledit’s version icon at the top right of the asset signifies which version round an asset is at.
  • Preview All Versions
    Access and view all versions with globaledit’s previewing capabilities. You can view what happens step by step to the asset and see versions in real-time on globaledit’s asset stack. Instantly add bulk versions based on the file’s name.
  • Secure Version Control
    Perform multiple actions on each version by audit logging. Team members can reject one version and approve another version, speeding up the creative process. View versions side by side for enhanced comparison.
Comment Together
  • A Better Way to Comment
    Messages can be difficult to decipher. Globaledit’s commenting with @mentions, emojis, hashtagging, and comment threads allow for more descriptive and expressive comments. For instant access, you can even search by hashtags.
  • Voting System
    Globaledit allows multiple members to approve the creative simultaneously. Achieve advanced collaboration with input from multiple team members as well as unification of team members’ concepts.
  • Comment Together
    With globaledit, every member can comment directly on the asset. Collaborate on each layer of the asset with status updates and give granular feedback for a faster turnaround.
  • Share Seamlessly
    Share content with targeted custom permissions quickly and securely. Quickly providing the right content access and permissions to the right individual(s) or teams slashes production timelines.
  • Upload Files Anywhere
    Globaledit’s Desktop Sync Tool tracks changes in folders and automatically upload. Access and sync your files from anywhere, anytime.
  • Fast Uploads
    Achieve uninterrupted uploading and streaming of files. Experience unparalleled speed of asset upload. Discover a new way of accessing all your files and assets on demand, with globaledit.
  • Retouch in One Platform
    Comment and update status directly in the Markup Editor to empower team collaboration. The update allows for teams to give granular feedback for a faster turnaround.
  • Simple Yet Feature-Rich
    Project management statuses such as In Progress, To Do, Unclear, Finished, and Rejected keep the asset moving throughout the life cycle. Gain transparency over the phase of the asset and meet deadlines.
  • Precise Markups
    With globaledit’s Markup Editor, you can send a PDF of the markup that renders exactly what you see on the platform, with the same arrows, lines, and thickness.
  • Streamlined User Access
    Globaledit offers flexible user access. One user can belong to multiple organizations. A freelancer can belong to multiple organizations, with no hassle involved.
  • Multiple Users
    Adding multiple users is simple, with no time wasted. Globaledit allows you to add users in multitiude with comma separations.
  • Assignments at Every Level
    Assign users with Globaledit’s consolidated and streamlined role management. Assignments can be made at the organization, account, or workspace level.
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