Client Case Study: Swimsuits For All

Globaledit has helped with file transfer and communication within our internal team as well as with freelancers and external vendors. It’s a pretty user-friendly tool. Once you get it, you get it. That’s sort of the brilliance of the program.

— Sara Mitzner, Content Director, Swimsuits For All

Swimsuits For All is an eCommerce business that helps women of all sizes find swimwear that fits right and looks terrific. When the company first launched a decade ago, only 10 styles were produced. Today, the company creates between 400 and 1,100 styles each and every season. The exponential growth of the business and production volume led Swimsuit Forall to look for more efficient solutions to scale their creative operations. Initially, the workflow was very manual, mostly giving directions by emails, while relying on systems like Dropbox and Basecamp for file transfer and comments. When Content Director Sara Mitzner was on set, the next stages of creative production were being held up. This standstill was making critical deadlines challenging for the entire team.


With globaledit, Swimsuits For All found a technology solution that removed the bottlenecks of communication over long distances. Content Director Sara Mitzner and distributed team members can now provide quick feedback to the team in New York even when on set on location. As a result, shooting, editing, and production can occur simultaneously as opposed to one being held up by the latter. In the meantime, the team has developed its own custom schemas in globaledit to enhance its media library searchability.

The company also realized the increasing importance of managing digital assets and created a new position to run the system and work with the creative services, graphic design, email marketing, and other departments that need creative assets.


Overall, Swimsuits For All’s creative operations flow more efficiently, their media library is now set up for long-term searchability. In just a few months, the company has been able to successfully scale its creative production. Today Swimsuits For All expects another 30% revenue growth by 2017, the equivalent of 20 additional shooting days per year. The brand continues to rely on globaledit to support and accompany their exciting creative production growth.