Client Case Study: Goodrich Visions

This large-scale project involved so many moving parts: it was multi-national, with over 2,000 individual subjects, dozens of photographers with a heavy approval process, and granular-level post and retouching. We simply could not have done it without globaledit.

— Tami Goodrich, Creative Director at Goodrich Visions.

Goodrich Visions, a boutique creative services agency out of NY and LA, regularly produces large photo libraries for corporate clients and brands. When one of the top 10 international law firms hired them to shoot portraits of every attorney worldwide, they knew they were facing one of their greatest challenges ever. The 2,000+ subjects, located in over 35 globally distributed offices, with limited availability, were each required to review a number of selections and approve their own portrait. To make the project even more challenging, Goodrich Visions worked with over 30 photographers all over the world, sometimes at the same time, while maintaining image consistency to meet brand guidelines.



Goodrich Visions uses globaledit to manage their high-volume and complex jobs. The platform provides a full array of tools built to manage large numbers of files from anywhere, simplify the approval process, and to share assets and markups with users and with their retouching team.



This massive worldwide project was successfully completed over the course of six months of photography production and three months of postproduction. During this time, Goodrich Visions produced over 50,000 assets and delivered 2,175 final retouched portraits to their client on time — after going through a highly demanding review and approval process.


There were so many moving parts and actual stages for all of the photography to move through, from each individual in the global offices and then on through postproduction and delivery… globaledit provided the platform to succeed.

— Matthew Goodrich, Executive Producer at Goodrich Visions.