Client Case Study: Gensler and Smashbox Studios

“Referencing actual in-progress photos was a huge benefit to the project. Conference calls, drawings and meetings are one thing, but photos are real – they clarify and align the team. globaledit was an amazing resource that I’ve never had before.”

— Gareth Jones, Associate Director, Gardiner & Theobald

Smashbox Cosmetics partnered with an innovative operator to elevate the studio brand and renovate their entire facility. The New York-based executive team of Smashbox Studios needed to work remotely with the design and consulting team to bring the project’s vision to life under an extremely tight deadline. From concept to construction the ambitious project was half the industry standard timeframe for an undertaking of its scope, with major infrastructure and technological upgrades. This required constant, detailed collaboration among many stakeholders across multiple geographic locations to review and approve design and construction visuals and milestones; including the architects at Gensler in Newport Beach, the G&T project management team, the construction team at Howard Building Corp. and the head of Smashbox Studios on the East Coast.


By implementing globaledit the design and construction teams were able to share photos and drawings to create a digital reference library. From design concepts, mood boards and renderings, to original site photos and landscape inspiration, globaledit was the primary communication platform between the client and the Gensler team. Its use was paramount during construction, allowing the teams to communicate instantaneously and make real-time decisions. Photos of the site were uploaded daily to globaledit to share the progress of the renovation. globaledit was also critical in both discovering construction conflicts ahead of time and coming to solutions to those conflicts immediately to avoid costly delays.


Smashbox Studios re-opened its doors on schedule and immediately welcomed high-profile photographers and celebrity clientele. The Gensler team was able to create an exceptional space that successfully rejuvenated the Smashbox Studios brand, and delivered on the client’s mission of creating a modern, user-friendly facility. Despite being geographically dispersed, by using globaledit the team was able to work closely to design every detail of the studio, and simultaneously prevent costly errors and change orders on the ground. Ultimately, they created a premier facility that provides the very best in amenities and technology to make Smashbox Studios a next level ‘studio of the future’.