Client Case Study: eBay Enterprise

“Globaledit has helped us service our fashion and photography clients by providing great online approval tools, and a great way to track revisions and markups. (…) It has really provided a lot of great value to our clients and I’ve heard many great positive feedback on the process.”

— Jim Zdancewicz, Head of Creative and Production, eBay Enterprise.

eBay Enterprise produces images, copy and video content for many top retailers all over the world. As the studio was onboarding a fashion client in New York City, the photo studio team realized that the old PDF tear sheet wasn’t efficient enough to get the work done in time, especially because of the increasing number of images being shot. eBay Enterprise was forced to look for more systematic ways of tracking comments coming back from clients and turning them into revisions to meet their tight deadlines.


With globaledit’s review and approval tool and markup editor, eBay Enterprise’s clients were able to go through thousands of images and review them quickly, gaining productivity, and meeting all their deadlines. The photo studio also uses globaledit to customize each workflow to their clients’ needs and specifications, providing better support to and delivering results for their international clients.


eBay Enterprise has found tremendous business value in cutting down review & approval time. By customizing each workflow, the company has also been able to scale its creative operations faster and successfully onboard new clients, especially in other countries. Today some of eBay Enterprise’s clients have even become globaledit customers in order to benefit from these efficiencies.