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Digital Asset Management

What is Brand Asset Management and Why is it Important?

Brand Asset Management (BAM) is a process of organizing and sharing branded content such as logos, graphics, images and videos …

John Horodyski
Creative Workflow

An Interview with John Horodyski, DAM & Metadata Expert

We sat down with John Horodyski for a conversation about how he got started in the world of metadata, his …

Creative Asset Management

How to Create a Creative Workflow That Works for You

Creating a creative workflow that works for you requires careful consideration. You need to determine the best ways to manage …

Creative Asset Management

From Work-in-Progress to Final Product: 4 Benefits of Creative Asset Management Solutions

Delivering high-quality content across multiple channels is crucial to business growth. But when you regularly create a ton of content, …

Creative Asset Management

Overhauling Your Creative Pipeline: The Most Common Challenges of Implementing Creative Asset Management (CAM) Tools

Creative assets, such as graphics, images and videos, are crucial for digital marketing and internal communications alike. They come in …

Creative Asset Management

The Modern Creative Hub: How Software Integrations Can Improve Your Creative Enterprise

If you’re like many marketers, you spend time developing creative assets that are rarely used because the employees in your …

Creative Asset Management

Creative Asset Managers: What They Do And Why You Need Them

The creation of creative content relies on a balance between two distinct mindsets.  The first is driven by the need …

Creative Asset Management

The Next Wave Of Photography Studios: How Digital Asset Management Paves The Way

Finding the right photography tools to speed up your photography studio’s production is more important than ever. The fast-paced requirements …

Creative Asset Management

The Best Software to Share Images With Your Clients

Image sharing, the process of transferring digital images online, has become a staple of creative workflows. But it hasn’t always …

Video Asset Management

The Best Tools for Video Asset Management

When you’re dealing with hefty amounts of video content, you need to find ways of storing and safeguarding your content. …

Creative Asset Management

Your Career Guide to Becoming a Creative Asset Manager

Creative talent and insight into the intricate workings behind creative content gives you a unique, panoramic view of the marketing …

Creative Asset Management

Creative Asset Management: What It Is And Why Do You Need It?

Managing and organizing creative assets can be a daunting task. But in a market that requires you to deliver digital …

Digital Asset Management

Getting Your (Brand Communication) Story Straight

Building a successful brand narrative is one thing, but communicating that narrative effectively across multiple communication platforms is another thing …

Digital Asset Management

5 Best Practices to Follow In Digital Asset Management Implementation

Whether you’re implementing a digital asset management strategy for the first time or trying to refine your existing digital asset …

Digital Asset Management

How to Extend the Lifecycles of Your Digital Assets

Supply and demand – how does it relate? The inception of a company takes place to respond to a demand. …

Digital Asset Management

Exploring the Benefits of Digital Asset Management Software

It’s understandable that there’s been a buzz around Digital Asset Management (DAM) of late. With the increasing demand for digital …


Understanding The Brand Management Journey

Creating a brand that captures a company’s vision and connects with people is no easy feat. And you’d think the …


Brand Asset Management: A Guide for Brand Managers

Recognition may be at the heart of brand identity, but what matters most is the ongoing narrative your brand is …

Digital Asset Management

The Advantages DAM Holds for Your Brand

Creating trust and reliability lies at the heart of each brand journey. While it may sound like a purely idealistic …

Digital Asset Management

Finding the Best Digital Asset Management Software for Your Business

Creative content is the foundation of how brands reach people. As the people behind that communication, you’re doing all you …

Creative Asset Management

How Image Metadata Can Go Beyond Searchability

Metadata by definition is data about data. But that description doesn’t do it justice at all. Metadata gives structure and …

Creative Asset Management

Watermarked Images: How to Do It Right

The digital age is so fast-paced, having your work used without any authorization can easily go unnoticed. It’s becoming increasingly …

Creative Asset Management

How DAM Collaboration Boosts Agency Efficiency

Digital asset management is a critical part of any digital agency’s workflow, especially at a time when in-house production is …

Creative Asset Management

Capturing Authenticity With Video Asset Management Software

Video asset management software is the solution to getting you on the inside track of the video marketing boom.  True, …

Creative Asset Management

Creating a Photography Workflow That Actually Flows

Photography is an art that has come a long way since its first modern iteration in 1830s France. To match …

Creative Asset Management

5 Workflow Management Tips for Photography Businesses

From freelancers to small businesses to enterprises, everyone’s looking for a way to optimize their creative output without sacrificing quality …

Creative Asset Management

Workflow Management: The Intersection of globaledit and Photography

Managing a productive photography business relies on your ability to connect efficient workflows with your team’s best creative output. It’s …

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Creative Asset Management

Join us on 09/27 for Henry Stewart Festival of Creative Operations 2022!

Hey creative community! We’re excited to be partnering again with Henry Stewart for their upcoming virtual event on Sept 27th: …

adobe photoshop

globaledit x Adobe Photoshop

In this webinar, we explore best practices for managing advanced retouching workflows in globaledit. Learn how globaledit’s Adobe Photoshop plugin …

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approval gallery

globaledit Launches New Digital Asset Management Platform to Help Creative & Marketing Teams Accelerate Creative Production

globaledit strives to provide enterprise clients with a Digital Asset Management platform that optimizes their creative workflow.

Consumer Trends Graph

Consumer Spending Trends

Early data suggests some verticals are thriving in the time of social distancing and an increasing reliance on eCommerce.  See …

Macy's Street View
Retail and Fashion

Light at the End of the Aisle

Macy’s is set to reopen 68 stores next week in advance of a full reopen in six weeks’ time. Read …

More Than Our Bellies Book
Retail and Fashion

A Fashion Icon Gives Back

Philip Lim is keeping busy during his work-from-home time. Check out how he merged his passion for fashion with charity …

Health and Beauty

Hand Cream for the Front Lines

Glossier is making waves with its new hand cream release.  While hand sanitizer might be a hotter product right now, …

Retail and Fashion

The Future of Fashion

Read Maria Luisa Frisa’s predictions about our marketplace, trends, and possible future in her insightful and wide-ranging Vogue interview here.

Holding A Pen
creative operations

Moving Fast and Moving Smart

As we’re all getting up to speed and getting efficient in our remote setup, it’s good to breathe for a …

Global Edit Software On Laptop
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Pump Up the Volume

Incumbent cloud asset management solutions have a mixed reputation–slow upload speeds, sluggish searches, volume limitations. Globaledit, however, scales out and …

Pile Of Books
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Inspiring Reads

The weekend beckons!  Want to fill the time and simultaneously enrich your soul? These fashionable books might inspire your next …

Photo Editing Interface
creative operations

Versioning and You

We’ve all been there: you do five or six revisions of an asset, upload the wrong one, and don’t notice …

Global Edit Interface On Laptop
creative operations

Online Creative Collaboration Platform: 90-day Free Trial

Trying to streamline your creative content collaboration and production while remote? Globaledit’s online platform has you covered from-sharing creative content …

Female Using A Phone
creative operations

Instagram’s In-App Checkout Feature has Skyrocketed

Just after one year, Instagram’s in-app Checkout feature has skyrocketed, with many new brands joining every week. Brands are testing …

Global Edit Software Interface
creative operations

How To Keep Your Luxury Customers Engaged through Digitization

Individuals confined to their homes are turning to the digital world to get a glimpse of what’s happening outside. Their …

globaledit workflow tool on set
creative operations

Why Online Returns are Causing Fashion Brands to Create More Content

Returns make up more than $351 billion dollars in lost sales. Among the culprits for this insane dollar figure is …

Photo Album
creative operations

Why Using Print Magazines Can Attract Generation Z

A Business of Fashion article reveals that Highsnobiety, a German-based streetwear blog, media brand, and production agency launched in 2005, …

Clothes Rack
creative operations

Fashion Brands Turn to Rental and Subscription Models

A Glossy Podcast interviews jewelry brand Switch on how they drew inspiration from the fashion brand Rent the Runway for …

Cleo Vermij
creative operations

5 Top Trends in Digital Storytelling

The digital space has re-envisioned traditional storytelling. A report “Digital Storytelling for Luxury Brands: 5 Trends To Succeed” discusses the …

Global Edit Desktop Software Interface
creative operations

How Luxury Magazines are Transforming to Digital

Renown luxury magazines that have been around for years must undergo a transformation to the digital space. Print luxury magazines …

Bathroom Products
creative operations

Beauty Brands Are Trending Towards a Blueprint for Clean Beauty

A Glossy article reports that Beautycounter, a leading cosmetics brand in clean beauty, has implemented a new set of manufacturing …

Sustainability Banner
creative operations

Are Fashion Brands Truly Taking Environmental Responsibility?

Fashion brands know they have to take environmental responsibility seriously. Yet, consumers and reports are noticing that brands tend to …

2020 Image
creative operations

Fashion Brands Need Sustainability in their 2020 Strategy

Fashion brands are aware they must embrace sustainability in their 2020 marketing and production strategies, but they are struggling with …

Female Using A Phone
Retail and Fashion

The Essentials on Clothing as Service

As Rent The Runway has proven over the last decade that clothing-as-a-service subscriptions can help expand a brand’s reach without …

Make-up Kit Image
Health and Beauty

Is the Beauty Industry Turning to Streetwear for Guidance?

The beauty and cosmetics industry has a lot to learn from streetwear brand success.

Black Clothing Rack
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How H&M Plans to Survive the Changing Retail Landscape

Fast-fashion giant H&M opens up about its plans for the future in the quickly changing retail landscape.

Global Edit Ipad App
Retail and Fashion

Diversification within the Retail and Fashion Space

Blackrock purchases 30% stake in Authentic Brands Group, highlighting the importance of diversification within the consumer retail & fashion space.

Running Shoes
Retail and Fashion

How D2C Brands Are Resonating With Their Customers

Direct-to-Consumer brands are using Instagram, Facebook, and similar online platforms to determine which content resonates with their customers

Female Model In Blue Dress
centralized platform

Online Fashion Giants are Optimizing their AI Strategies

Online fashion giants are beefing up their tech, using AI and deep learning to help consumers quickly find what they’re …

Retail and Fashion

Steve Madden Expands its Direct-to-Consumer Portfolio

Steve Madden adds to its direct-to-consumer portfolio with recent acquisitions of GREATS and BB Dakota, Inc.

Global Edit Ipad Interface
Retail and Fashion

Optimize to Keep Up with the “See it-Buy-it” Consumer Behavior

A McKinsey article “The Need for Speed: Capturing Today’s Fashion Consumer” shows that high-volume retailers are searching for products to …

Lightbox Sharing Banner
centralized platform

Leverage More Control When Sharing Visuals Assets

Globaledit is now empowering users to have more control over the lightbox sharing functionality with guest users. The new update …