Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

What is Brand Asset Management and Why is it Important?

Brand Asset Management (BAM) is a process of organizing and sharing branded content such as logos, graphics, images and videos …

John Horodyski
Creative Workflow

An Interview with John Horodyski, DAM & Metadata Expert

We sat down with John Horodyski for a conversation about how he got started in the world of metadata, his …

Creative Asset Management

The Modern Creative Hub: How Software Integrations Can Improve Your Creative Enterprise

If you’re like many marketers, you spend time developing creative assets that are rarely used because the employees in your …

Creative Asset Management

The Next Wave Of Photography Studios: How Digital Asset Management Paves The Way

Finding the right photography tools to speed up your photography studio’s production is more important than ever. The fast-paced requirements …

Creative Asset Management

Creative Asset Management: What It Is And Why Do You Need It?

Managing and organizing creative assets can be a daunting task. But in a market that requires you to deliver digital …

Digital Asset Management

Getting Your (Brand Communication) Story Straight

Building a successful brand narrative is one thing, but communicating that narrative effectively across multiple communication platforms is another thing …

Digital Asset Management

5 Best Practices to Follow In Digital Asset Management Implementation

Whether you’re implementing a digital asset management strategy for the first time or trying to refine your existing digital asset …

Digital Asset Management

How to Extend the Lifecycles of Your Digital Assets

Supply and demand – how does it relate? The inception of a company takes place to respond to a demand. …

Digital Asset Management

Exploring the Benefits of Digital Asset Management Software

It’s understandable that there’s been a buzz around Digital Asset Management (DAM) of late. With the increasing demand for digital …


Understanding The Brand Management Journey

Creating a brand that captures a company’s vision and connects with people is no easy feat. And you’d think the …


Brand Asset Management: A Guide for Brand Managers

Recognition may be at the heart of brand identity, but what matters most is the ongoing narrative your brand is …

Digital Asset Management

The Advantages DAM Holds for Your Brand

Creating trust and reliability lies at the heart of each brand journey. While it may sound like a purely idealistic …

Digital Asset Management

Finding the Best Digital Asset Management Software for Your Business

Creative content is the foundation of how brands reach people. As the people behind that communication, you’re doing all you …

Creative Asset Management

How Image Metadata Can Go Beyond Searchability

Metadata by definition is data about data. But that description doesn’t do it justice at all. Metadata gives structure and …

Creative Asset Management

How DAM Collaboration Boosts Agency Efficiency

Digital asset management is a critical part of any digital agency’s workflow, especially at a time when in-house production is …

Creative Asset Management

5 Workflow Management Tips for Photography Businesses

From freelancers to small businesses to enterprises, everyone’s looking for a way to optimize their creative output without sacrificing quality …

Creative Workflow

Digital Asset Management Versioning

Manipulating photos and creative assets to create new results is nothing new. But being able to go through countless iterations …

Creative Asset Management

Staying Relevant with DAM for Photographers

To remain relevant in a professional market that is making DIY solutions ever more accessible, photographers need a DAM to …

Creative Asset Management

Why You Need Versioning for Your DAM Photography Edits

When you’re working with multiple iterations of photos, versioning is the answer to an efficient workflow.  Not only will you …

Creative Workflow

5 Tips for Creating a Digital Photography Workflow

We live in an age where social media accounts and smartphones have made photography a popular hobby.  But there are …

Digital Asset Management

What Does a Digital Asset Manager Do?

‘Digital asset manager’ as a title is somewhat misleading. From 30,000ft, a digital asset manager acts as the glue that …

Creative Asset Management

Manage Your Photo Assets Like A Pro

Professional photographers have a rare gift: telling the entire story behind a moment in a single image. But in an …

Digital Asset Management

How to Set Up a Digital Asset Library for a Photography Business

As a photography business, your success hinges on your ability to take full advantage of your image library’s potential. When …

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Creative Asset Management

Join us on 09/27 for Henry Stewart Festival of Creative Operations 2022!

Hey creative community! We’re excited to be partnering again with Henry Stewart for their upcoming virtual event on Sept 27th: …

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Why Enterprise DAM Security is Such a Big Deal

Along with the introduction of new and exciting creative possibilities, enterprise digital asset management (DAM) also brought with it a …

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dam library

Image Asset Management: What Is It?

Visual marketing and merchandising is booming. On Facebook, visual marketing content is so successful that, according to Ubersuggest, there are …

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dam for enterprise

Managing Digital Asset Management Workflows (for Enterprises)

Efficient workflows have become fundamental for the smooth running of operations for any business. But traditional workflows have especially paved …

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What are the Best Practices for an Effective Digital Asset Management System?

OK, so you’ve heard a lot about digital asset management systems, and that they can help you better scale the …

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Introducing Digital Asset Management for Designers

The phenomenon of digital transformation has about 40% of companies wanting in on the automation of graphic design processes. Why? …

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Repurpose Content with Digital Asset Libraries

There’s a reason why digital content such as images, videos, and other creative media are called “digital assets.” The operative …

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Managing Talent Agency Digital Assets with a Next-Gen Asset Library

One of creative talent agencies’ biggest challenges is collaborating with talent, internal and external stakeholders and clients – whether it …

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How To: Set Up Your Digital Asset Library as a Freelancer (in 5 Easy Steps)

While driving solo has its perks, being a creative freelancer comes with its own set of challenges not everyone can …

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DAM Basics: Digital Library and Creative Asset Management for Startups

This is our final article in our DAM Basics series— if you’re a startup hungry to scale creative workflows quickly, …

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DAM Basics: Creative Workflow Management and Asset Libraries (for SMBs)

This is the small-to-medium business edition in our DAM Basics series on scaling creative workflows using digital asset management (DAM). …

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Why Digital Asset Library for Fashion Retail is More than Just a Fad

The wind changes direction fast in fashion and fashion retail, but if you’re reading this, you probably know this already. …

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Why globaledit Is (Probably) Still the Best DAM for Mac

Next-gen digital asset management software needs to evolve as quickly as its users’ needs and the creative workflows that serve …

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DAM Basics: Creative Asset Management (for Enterprise)

This is the first of our DAM Basics series starting with creative asset management for enterprise. Want the DAM basics …

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Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management for Photographers: Where to Start

Where to start with photography digital asset management (DAM)? Most photographers and studio teams have at some time or other …

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Why Digital Asset Management Security is as Important as User Experience

Why does digital asset management exist (DAM)? For a few reasons. One of the most overlooked is digital asset management …

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3 Powerful Ways to Use a Digital Asset Management System

The market of digital asset management is expected to reach more than USD 8 billion by 2026. This is because …


How Does a DAM Maximize Efficiency When Creating Content?

The unstoppable demand for rich media content is here to stay. The number of video content watched by the global …

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creative tools

What Creative Tools Work with DAM?

E-commerce and retail brands have the necessity to have an online presence, which calls for the centralized management of their …

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creative tools

Tips and Tricks to Using a DAM 

In today’s hyper-interactive marketing and brand communication space, it’s hard to survive without having a robust Digital Asset Management system …

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How Do I Use This DAM (Digital Asset Management) Software?

Companies with a heavy focus on creative operations, especially those in the fashion and retail space, need to constantly be …

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creative tools

How to Use a Digital Asset Management System to Scale Your Workflow

Every organization is going through a fundamental upheaval. Knowingly or unknowingly, from rigid enterprises being run in siloes, organizations are …

Global Edit Interface

Digital Asset Management: Why Does Every Organization Need It?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions help organizations store, organize, access, and distribute their creative assets, in a centralized & cloud-hosted …

Photoshop And Global Edit Collaboration

Announcing: The globaledit integration with Adobe Photoshop

Globaledit, the leader in Creative Workflow Management solutions announces a new, comprehensive integration with Adobe Photoshop to allow for a …

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Creative Automation

How to Achieve Consistency within your Creative Workflow

If the year 2021 has been about one thing, it’s learning from 2020’s disruptive forces and adopting essential best practices …

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Creative Automation

Which Creative Workflow Management Tool Is Right For You?

Creative projects are extremely grueling and demanding. It’s no doubt that creative workflow management tools simplify the tasks for your …

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Creative Automation

Yes, You Can Measure Creative Workflow Output

Monitoring metrics like the estimated deadline in comparison with the actual one determines the pace at which your project moves …

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Creative Automation

The 6 Phases of an Optimized Creative Workflow

Creative projects are best executed when they’re divided into phases and task orientedThe reason lies in the simplification and optimization …

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Creative Automation

3 Ways Digital Asset Management Increases ROI

The value of the digital asset management market in 2020 was estimated to be USD 2,962.2 million. Digital Asset Management …

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Why Is Workflow Automation Important for Photo Studios?

Be it for an ecommerce store or a company’s social media, the importance and demand of visual content are increasing …

Global Edit Workflow
creative tools

Creative Workflow Management Solutions: What Can You Expect with the Right Solution

Over 90% of marketers say that the majority of their projects don’t move along efficiently during the content creation process. …

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Digital Asset Management Trends for 2021

After one of the most unpredictable years in living memory, 2021 looks to be the year when we learn many …


Benefits of Storing Metadata in XMP Files

You may know that old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, when it comes to processing, editing …

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Digital Asset Management

How Does a Project Management System Fit Into Your Creative Production?

You can’t rush the creative process, we’re often told. Whether it’s crafting content, finessing a photo or imagining the right …

Global Edit Creative Work

PIM: The Advantages of Using a Product Information Management System

What is a PIM? PIM stands for Product Information Management, a system that manages your content for marketing and selling …

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Digital Asset Management

Use Cloud Asset Management to Grow Your Business

Cloud Asset Management, in its simplest form, is managing what’s stored in the cloud as it pertains to your business. …

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How to Use Omni-Channel Marketing to Build Your Brand

Omni-Channel Marketing. It’s a term we’ve all heard over and over again. But really, what is omni-channel marketing? How will …

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creative production

How to Choose the Right DAM for Your Organization

Organizations are churning out marketing materials more than ever. No matter what industry you’re in, creating visual assets is essential …

Dam Ny 2018 Event
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globaledit attends Henry Stewart DAM NY and Creative Operations 2018

Hey creative community! What will you be doing on May 3rd – 4th? Globaledit will be attending the Henry Stewart …

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globaledit attends the Digital Assets & Content Leadership Exchange

Does your brand’s demand for visual content exceed your production team’s capacity? Does the combination of volume and speed have …