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John Horodyski
Creative Workflow

An Interview with John Horodyski, DAM & Metadata Expert

We sat down with John Horodyski for a conversation about how he got started in the world of metadata, his …

Creative Asset Management

How to Create a Creative Workflow That Works for You

Creating a creative workflow that works for you requires careful consideration. You need to determine the best ways to manage …

Creative Asset Management

From Work-in-Progress to Final Product: 4 Benefits of Creative Asset Management Solutions

Delivering high-quality content across multiple channels is crucial to business growth. But when you regularly create a ton of content, …

Creative Asset Management

Overhauling Your Creative Pipeline: The Most Common Challenges of Implementing Creative Asset Management (CAM) Tools

Creative assets, such as graphics, images and videos, are crucial for digital marketing and internal communications alike. They come in …

Creative Asset Management

The Modern Creative Hub: How Software Integrations Can Improve Your Creative Enterprise

If you’re like many marketers, you spend time developing creative assets that are rarely used because the employees in your …

Creative Asset Management

Creative Asset Managers: What They Do And Why You Need Them

The creation of creative content relies on a balance between two distinct mindsets.  The first is driven by the need …

Creative Asset Management

The Next Wave Of Photography Studios: How Digital Asset Management Paves The Way

Finding the right photography tools to speed up your photography studio’s production is more important than ever. The fast-paced requirements …

Creative Asset Management

The Best Software to Share Images With Your Clients

Image sharing, the process of transferring digital images online, has become a staple of creative workflows. But it hasn’t always …

Creative Asset Management

Your Career Guide to Becoming a Creative Asset Manager

Creative talent and insight into the intricate workings behind creative content gives you a unique, panoramic view of the marketing …

Creative Asset Management

How Image Metadata Can Go Beyond Searchability

Metadata by definition is data about data. But that description doesn’t do it justice at all. Metadata gives structure and …

Creative Asset Management

Watermarked Images: How to Do It Right

The digital age is so fast-paced, having your work used without any authorization can easily go unnoticed. It’s becoming increasingly …

Creative Asset Management

How DAM Collaboration Boosts Agency Efficiency

Digital asset management is a critical part of any digital agency’s workflow, especially at a time when in-house production is …

Creative Asset Management

Capturing Authenticity With Video Asset Management Software

Video asset management software is the solution to getting you on the inside track of the video marketing boom.  True, …

Creative Asset Management

5 Workflow Management Tips for Photography Businesses

From freelancers to small businesses to enterprises, everyone’s looking for a way to optimize their creative output without sacrificing quality …

Creative Asset Management

Workflow Management: The Intersection of globaledit and Photography

Managing a productive photography business relies on your ability to connect efficient workflows with your team’s best creative output. It’s …

Creative Workflow

Digital Asset Management Versioning

Manipulating photos and creative assets to create new results is nothing new. But being able to go through countless iterations …

Creative Asset Management

Staying Relevant with DAM for Photographers

To remain relevant in a professional market that is making DIY solutions ever more accessible, photographers need a DAM to …

Creative Asset Management

Why You Need Versioning for Your DAM Photography Edits

When you’re working with multiple iterations of photos, versioning is the answer to an efficient workflow.  Not only will you …

Creative Workflow

5 Tips for Creating a Digital Photography Workflow

We live in an age where social media accounts and smartphones have made photography a popular hobby.  But there are …

adobe photoshop

globaledit x Adobe Photoshop

In this webinar, we explore best practices for managing advanced retouching workflows in globaledit. Learn how globaledit’s Adobe Photoshop plugin …

Yellow Animated Laptop

Why Workflow Automation is Important for Marketers

Content marketers in general face a host of challenges when managing their creative workflow and digital assets. However, with the …

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Creative Workflow

What’s the Difference Between DAM and MAM (and How Much Does It Matter?)

Spoilers: there is a difference between DAM and MAM and it kind of matters. The blurring of the line between …

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Creative Workflow

How to Organize Digital Asset Management for E-Commerce

Let’s start with the jaw-dropper. Businesswire reported in 2021 that the global digital asset management (DAM) market reached a value …

Global Edit X Hs Events Webinar 2
Creative Automation

Webinar 2: Workflow Automation and Creative Operations [August 18th, 2021]

Register here! globaledit is hosting a 3-part webinar series to discuss all things Workflow Automation from the Creative Operations perspective. …

Global Edit Ipad Interface
creative operations

Tips for Creative Teams on How to Work Remote

Ahead of Independence Day and the official nod to summer here in the States, globaledit wants to recognize the amazing …

Global Edit X Hs Events Webinar 1
Creative Automation

Webinar 1: What is the History of Workflow Automation and How Can it Help You Scale? [August 4th, 2021]

Register here! globaledit is launching a 3-part webinar series to discuss all things Workflow Automation. The first part of the …

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creative workflow

How Does Workflow Automation Help with Social Media Marketing?

Visibility is vital for any brand, and getting yours in front of as many eyes as possible regularly can be …

Software Icons
creative workflow

Globaledit Introduces Creative Workflow Features Focused on Automation

Customers can now integrate their entire technical stack to create workflow automation recipes saving time and money on their creative …

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creative workflow

Creative Workflow Management Predictions for 2021

If 2020 has taught us anything it is that we should be wary of making predictions. However, just as everyone’s …

Workflow Diagram
creative asset management

How to Make the Most of Your Creative Workflow

At globaledit, we understand creatives. We understand the process of a creative workflow. Most importantly, we want to empower your …

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Creative Workflow

How to Markup Your Creative with a Markup Editor

Having a markup editor is essential for creatives. Without it, a photo editor, retoucher, or another creative on your team …

Global Edit Workspace Interface
Creative Workflow

Leveraging the Remote Revolution

By now most companies have transitioned to remote work, but some lack a platform to access and deliver creative assets quickly. …

Global Edit Library
creative operations

How to Increase Efficiencies by Streamlining Creative Collaboration

According to a 2020 In-House Creative Report, 72% of creatives struggle to keep up with the high volume content. The …

Retail Clothing Shop
creative operations

Why Catering to the Gen Z Shopper might be Challenging

Meeting the demands of Gen Z consumers might be difficult for fashion brands embracing sustainability practices.

Global Edit Dashboard
creative operations

1 Simple Step to Speeding Up Your Creative Workflow

The 2020 “In-House Creative Management Report” pinpoints that creative teams are weighed down by operational challenges.

Mall Advertising
creative operations

Omnichannel Personalization Calls for More Creative Content and Enhanced Collaboration  

Omnichannel personalization is reputably the largest 2020 marketing win. Securing this win calls for more creative content and accelerated marketing …

Photoshoot In Studio
creative operations

Why Creative Operations Teams Must Move Away From Manual Tasks

Creative operations teams are still bogged down by manual tasks in the 21st century. Reports show creative operations teams are …

Customer Journey Hologram
creative operations

Using Social Media to Connect with Your Most Loyal Customers

Loyalty programs are a great way to keep customers coming back and have been effectively building brand loyalty for decades, …

Female Model In A Dress
creative operations

The Demand for Creative Content Increases

A recent Glossy article with the headline “Fashion Brands Are Using Customization” points to the industry’s growing trend of personalized …

Bus Stop Advertising
Creative Automation

How Traditional Agencies Can Beat the Competition

Many brands are attempting to publish more creative content to meet marketing demands through in-house agencies. An ANA study finds, …


Create Efficiency with a Creative Asset Management Platform


Top Reasons to Consider Digital Asset Management and CAM

Meet Today’s Creative Content Challenge The demand for visual content across all industries is putting a spotlight on creative teams …


Fabletics: Speed is the Key


How Homeless World Cup Benefits from globaledit

Homeless World Cup organizes tournaments for the homeless all around the world. The nonprofit has over 450 locations, reaching 100,000 …

Creative Workflow

Can Creative Production Keep Up With The Demand For Content?

creative operations

The $351 Billion eComm Challenge


Boohoo Makes a Big Push into AI-Based Visual Search

By David Iscove, Manager of Solution Architecture and Implementation at globaledit The fast-fashion brand first jumped into AI-driven image recognition …


Amazon, Amazon, Amazon

It seems all we hear about today is how Amazon is doing everything in retail perfectly. We’re all trying to …

creative operations

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Creative Workflow

Racing to Market with Efficiency and Effectiveness

By David Iscove, Creative Operations Specialist at globaledit Eric Fulmer of ShotFlow One (Capture Integration) is one of the sharpest …

Photo Studio Collaboration
Creative Workflow

Where Are We Now? The Current Landscape of eCommerce Creative Production

More, More, More In today’s eComm world, it’s not just about the brand’s own site anymore. With the rapid rise …

Creative Workflow

New Webinar! Building the Case for a New Workflow Solution

Building the Case for a New Workflow Solution Drive Transformation in your Organization Featuring Molly Gallagher, Consultant, Former VP of Marketing, Creative …

Creative Workflow

New Webinar! Ramping Up your eCommerce Production Workflow

Globaledit released a new webinar in partnership with Industrial Color Studios. Ramping Up Your eCommerce Production Workflow: How to Better Manage …

Creative Workflow

Q&A with Brendon Derr, VP of Enterprise Solutions at Cella Consulting and the BOSS Group

As Vice President Enterprise Solutions for BLR Holdings, Brendon Derr and his team have helped hundreds of Fortune 1000 organizations …

Creative Workflow

5 Easy Ways to Implement Modifications to Your Creative Production Workflow

We’ve all been there before. Your company’s creative production workflow process isn’t functioning quite as well as you’d like, but …

alice + olivia

Q&A with Mai Nozoe, VP of Creative Services for alice + olivia

  Mai Nozoe is the Vice President of Creative Services for alice + olivia, a contemporary women’s lifestyle brand founded …

creative production

Why You Should Map Your Creative Production Process

We get it. Creative production, as fun as it sounds, is inherently granular and complex. It’s not just shooting photos …

Creative Workflow


The digital asset management and creative production industry commonly mistake Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Work In Progress (WIP). People …

creative workflow

A guide to revisiting your creative production workflow [Part 1]

When getting creative assets out the door becomes too painful, and complaints and frustrations start to pile up, now might …


How to easily manage your celebrity talent approval

Written by Brian Stuckey, Senior Product Manager at globaledit. Talent Approval is an essential component of the media and entertainment …


Creative operations process makes perfect

Written by Brian Stuckey, Senior Product Manager at globaledit. One of the perks of my job is that I get …

centralized platform

3 Ways to Improve Creative Production Workflow

We’ve all been there: Trying to make the most of our time by using production shortcuts that can save our schedule. …

Creative Workflow

4 Tricks to Make the Most Out of Video Commenting

How do you deliver all your video content and keep all your projects on track when you are constantly on-the-go, …

centralized platform

How to Protect Your Digital Assets From Security Breaches

Last year IBM reported 1.5 million monitored cyber attacks in the United States. Passwords, credit card numbers, and other valuable …


4 Benefits of Uploading Directly to the Cloud from Set

Content creation is speeding up. The pressure is on for brands to produce more and more visual content in less …

creative workflow

Organizing Your Asset Library: How to Get Started

As creatives we want everything to look good. We accomplish this through thoughtful design. Managing your production process should be …

Creative Workflow

5 Steps to Managing Your Workflow with Metadata

  Have you ever spent hours looking for a specific image or file? You remember saving it in a specific …

Creative Workflow

New Infographic!

Remember when getting in touch with a colleague or client meant finding a payphone and trying to find loose change? …

Creative Workflow

Working With Metadata in globaledit

Tagging Metadata The Metadata Editor feature in globaledit allows users to mark individual images by searchable tags. Users can then …

Creative Workflow

Tips & Tricks: Using Keyboard Commands for Fast Editing

Here’s a useful short cut guide for using keyboard commands within globaledit. Increase your workflow productivity by using Keyboard Commands …

Creative Workflow

Tips & Tricks: Uploading

Users will sometimes get a message when uploading assets to a job that says ‘This job is currently being updated. …

Creative Workflow

Introducing…GLOBALedit Support Videos – Collaborative Markups

We are very excited to share with you the new support videos that are now available at the GLOBALedit Support Channel …

Creative Workflow

The Future of Work

PSFK is running a fantastic reporting series, The Future of Work. The month-long series explores influences, trends and presents forward-moving …

Creative Workflow

Video Tutorial – Color Labels

With the latest release of Color Labels, you can assign your own unique purpose to making ratings or keeping your …

Creative Workflow

How to Increase Aspera Connect Transfer Time

Did you know that you can throttle down your Aspera Connect transfers to prioritize time sensitive materials? You can easily prioritize …

Creative Workflow

Tips & Tricks: Panel Breakdown

Sometimes, it’s hard to describe where to find something. It’s even harder when you need to be very specific to …

Creative Workflow

Tips & Tricks: Reasons to love Aspera

Aspera is an easy-to-install web browser plug-in that powers high-speed uploads and downloads, compatible with most standard browsers. We can’t recommend it …

Creative Workflow

Submit Requests on our Support Site

We have a new support site! Stay updated with announcements, learn more about how to use the system to fit …

Creative Workflow

Make Multi-Asset Ratings

In the new version of GLOBALedit you can make ratings on multiple images. Use the shift or command key to …

Creative Workflow

Using GLOBALedit – Downloading

We made downloading a whole lot easier by putting it in GLOBALedit‘s main window. Once you select ‘Download’ you will …

Creative Workflow

Workflow Tips: CaptureOne and GLOBALedit

When shooting your images through CaptureOne, you can seamlessly integrate your workflow with GLOBALedit to preserve your ratings and metadata …

Creative Workflow

FAQ – Extending Lightbox Deadlines

When a Lightbox is created, an expiration date can be set so that after that date, the recipients of that …

creative workflow

Giving Users Access on FileSociety

Once you’ve set up your file directory and users on FileSociety, it’s really easy to give your users access to …

creative workflow

GLOBALedit FAQ – Filename Restrictions

Complicated file and folder names can create unexpected problems or errors. When uploading to GLOBALedit or FileSociety, or when downloading …

creative workflow

GLOBALedit FAQ – Unable to see Job

Users will often upload a job to GLOBALedit but then not be able to see the job in their library. …

Creative Workflow

GLOBALedit presents at Fashion 2.0

Yesterday evening, VP of Development Aaron Holm spoke at a fashion and technology meet-up presentation organized by Fashion 2.0. The …

Creative Workflow

GLOBALedit is Big Data

Our friends at EMC / Isilon issued a press release today regarding Industrial Color’s enterprise storage environment. The full text …

Creative Workflow

GLOBALedit FAQ ? Uploading

Users will sometimes get a message when uploading assets to a job that says ?This job is currently being updated. …

Creative Workflow

GLOBALedit FAQ: Lightboxes

A frequent question that comes from users downloading from lightboxes is why there are no downloads available to them when …

Creative Workflow

We Take Storage Seriously

Industrial Color Software’s VP of Development, Aaron Holm, will be speaking at the Inaugural Big Data Storage Summit at EMC …

Creative Workflow

GLOBALedit FAQ: Passwords

One of the questions we are frequently asked by users is how to reset or retrieve their passwords. Once you …

Creative Workflow

Connect on the go on Globaledit iPad App

The Globaledit iPad App can be used to instantly communicate between creative executives and their production team from any location. …

Creative Workflow

New Lightbox Features – Part 2

There are several new lightbox features that can make sharing and collaborating on lightboxes easier and more efficient. OPTIONS Users …

Creative Workflow

Watch Globaledit demo from IOI workshop

Industrial Color Software and IO Integration hosted an interactive Lunch & Learn workshop in our New York City office on …

Creative Workflow

Working with Metadata in GLOBALedit

GLOBALedit allows you to manage your workflow more efficiently with the support of video by providing you with the same …

Creative Workflow

Working with Lightboxes in GLOBALedit

With the latest release of GLOBALedit, managing your workflow is made easier with new lightbox features. Organize your lightboxes into …

Creative Workflow

Most Important Tool for Agencies: Collaboration

According to marketers at Ad Age’s Digital Conference on April 13, team collaboration is considered the most important piece for …

Creative Workflow

Sorting Files in FileSociety

Creative Workflow

Create Unique Logins with GLOBALedit