Creative Asset Management

Creative Asset Management

Globaledit in 2024: Enabling the Next-Generation of Creative Content Production

After returning to lead Globaledit last year, I’m excited to be back in the heart of the creative production world. …

Creative Asset Management

How to Create a Creative Workflow That Works for You

Creating a creative workflow that works for you requires careful consideration. You need to determine the best ways to manage …

Creative Asset Management

From Work-in-Progress to Final Product: 4 Benefits of Creative Asset Management Solutions

Delivering high-quality content across multiple channels is crucial to business growth. But when you regularly create a ton of content, …

Creative Asset Management

Overhauling Your Creative Pipeline: The Most Common Challenges of Implementing Creative Asset Management (CAM) Tools

Creative assets, such as graphics, images and videos, are crucial for digital marketing and internal communications alike. They come in …

Creative Asset Management

The Modern Creative Hub: How Software Integrations Can Improve Your Creative Enterprise

If you’re like many marketers, you spend time developing creative assets that are rarely used because the employees in your …

Creative Asset Management

Creative Asset Managers: What They Do And Why You Need Them

The creation of creative content relies on a balance between two distinct mindsets.  The first is driven by the need …

Creative Asset Management

The Next Wave Of Photography Studios: How Digital Asset Management Paves The Way

Finding the right photography tools to speed up your photography studio’s production is more important than ever. The fast-paced requirements …

Creative Asset Management

The Best Software to Share Images With Your Clients

Image sharing, the process of transferring digital images online, has become a staple of creative workflows. But it hasn’t always …

Creative Asset Management

Your Career Guide to Becoming a Creative Asset Manager

Creative talent and insight into the intricate workings behind creative content gives you a unique, panoramic view of the marketing …

Creative Asset Management

Creative Asset Management: What It Is And Why Do You Need It?

Managing and organizing creative assets can be a daunting task. But in a market that requires you to deliver digital …


Understanding The Brand Management Journey

Creating a brand that captures a company’s vision and connects with people is no easy feat. And you’d think the …


Brand Asset Management: A Guide for Brand Managers

Recognition may be at the heart of brand identity, but what matters most is the ongoing narrative your brand is …

Creative Asset Management

How Image Metadata Can Go Beyond Searchability

Metadata by definition is data about data. But that description doesn’t do it justice at all. Metadata gives structure and …

Creative Asset Management

Watermarked Images: How to Do It Right

The digital age is so fast-paced, having your work used without any authorization can easily go unnoticed. It’s becoming increasingly …

Creative Asset Management

How DAM Collaboration Boosts Agency Efficiency

Digital asset management is a critical part of any digital agency’s workflow, especially at a time when in-house production is …

Creative Asset Management

Capturing Authenticity With Video Asset Management Software

Video asset management software is the solution to getting you on the inside track of the video marketing boom.  True, …

Creative Asset Management

Creating a Photography Workflow That Actually Flows

Photography is an art that has come a long way since its first modern iteration in 1830s France. To match …

Creative Asset Management

5 Workflow Management Tips for Photography Businesses

From freelancers to small businesses to enterprises, everyone’s looking for a way to optimize their creative output without sacrificing quality …

Creative Asset Management

Workflow Management: The Intersection of globaledit and Photography

Managing a productive photography business relies on your ability to connect efficient workflows with your team’s best creative output. It’s …

Creative Asset Management

Staying Relevant with DAM for Photographers

To remain relevant in a professional market that is making DIY solutions ever more accessible, photographers need a DAM to …

Creative Asset Management

Why You Need Versioning for Your DAM Photography Edits

When you’re working with multiple iterations of photos, versioning is the answer to an efficient workflow.  Not only will you …

Creative Asset Management

Manage Your Photo Assets Like A Pro

Professional photographers have a rare gift: telling the entire story behind a moment in a single image. But in an …

Creative Asset Management

Why DAM Directors are the Key to Efficiency

When new technologies open up a world of novel possibilities, it’s often the flood of possibilities that leave many benefits …

Creative Asset Management

Digital Asset Management For Startups

Managing resources effectively is an important aspect of any startup. But when it comes to investing in the creation of …

Creative Asset Management

SaaS DAM for Small and Medium Businesses

The benefits of SaaS DAMs are endless for small and medium businesses at a time when efficient and scalable marketing …

Creative Asset Management

Digital Asset Management For Marketers

Connecting to your audience – that’s what marketing is all about. That’s why marketers need to make that ongoing conversation …

Creative Asset Management

Digital Asset Management For Creative Teams

Entire empires are built on the foundation of visual assets that identify a brand, with digital creative assets that create …

Creative Asset Management

Enterprise Digital Asset Management

Enterprise life – the fast-paced, go get ‘em, “sell, sell, sell” atmosphere is almost palpable even from this side of …

Creative Asset Management

Digital Asset Management for Small Businesses

A small business is anything but small to the people on the inside. It’s a place that houses more than …

Creative Asset Management

Third-party Integrations for Enterprise DAM

Digital asset management is all about efficiency. As a software solution, it was built with one thing in mind: to …

Creative Asset Management

Image Asset Management Workflow

When you have your eyes set on scaling your image assets to keep up with the dynamic campaigns you create, …

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Creative Asset Management

Join us on 09/27 for Henry Stewart Festival of Creative Operations 2022!

Hey creative community! We’re excited to be partnering again with Henry Stewart for their upcoming virtual event on Sept 27th: …

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Creative Asset Management

What is Creative Asset Management

Creating lasting impressions in a creative industry boils down to what you deliver.  Even if it means long hours of …

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Creative Asset Management

Creative Asset Management Workflow

For their creative assets to be effective, designers should be asking themselves if their creative assets: Form an impactful brand …

Creative Asset Management

Why Creative Asset Management Is Essential for Marketing Campaigns

Imagine this scenario: Your marketing team has burned the midnight oil for the last 3 weeks and with the looming …

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Creative Asset Management

How to Streamline Marketings Campaign with Creative Asset Management Software

It’s crunch time. You and your marketing team have to produce a winning marketing campaign. There’s no room to drop …

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Creative Asset Management

Scale Your Creative Operations with Digital Asset Management Solutions

What is digital asset management software? Digital asset management (DAM) software is a simple and intuitive cloud-based solution that helps …

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Creative Asset Management

End To End Creative Workflow Management Software for SMBs

Ineffective scaling and managing of creative workflows are blocking the growth of many creative SMBs. But why is this? Because, …


Why Creative Operations Need Creative Asset Management Solutions

There are two important components that drive a successful creative business, which are a) its creative brand and b) most …

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Creative Asset Management

Mastering Creative Asset Management for Industry Creatives

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a creative professional looking for ways to scale your team’s creative workflow. Or maybe …

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Creative Asset Management

How To Optimize Your Asset Library with Metadata

As a creative professional, whether it be in retail, e-commerce or studios – you may have seen metadata mentioned once …

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Creative Asset Management

5 Ways to Scale Content Creation

Studies show that the number of video content watched by the global population grew by 85% in 2020. The demand …

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How Does a DAM Work with a CMS to Deliver Digital Experiences

The integration of different software and the agile delivery of the results is the key to smooth digital experience.  Digital …

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Creative Asset Management

How to Organize Your Creative Workflow Process

Contemporary industry standards and ever-changing consumer demands have led to creatives facing immense pressures. They are expected to deliver on-brand …

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Creative Asset Management

Asset Management Solutions: Here’s What You Need and Why!

Asset management solutions enable creative teams to store, access, and distribute their digital assets in a centralized repository. Propelled by …

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Creative Asset Management

5 Ways to Take Control of Your Branding During a Creative Production

Consistent branding builds trust and authenticity. With inconsistency, your customers get confused and lose trust in your brand. 18.6% of …

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Creative Asset Management

Access to Product Information Improves Metadata Tagging

A Product Information Management system or PIM system is a process of gathering and distributing the specifications, descriptions, and other …

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Creative Asset Management

How to Become a Creative Content Machine

With the plethora of social media channels, brands are under pressure to produce fresh content. Top brands must have enough …

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Creative Asset Management

Creative Asset Management is at the Forefront of Globaledit

Globaledit combines traditional digital asset management capabilities with work in progress scale & functionalities found in creative asset management. What …

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Creative Asset Management

Creative Production from the Cloud

The creative process and workflow do not have to be tied to a server. In the 21st century, having your …

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Creative Asset Management

How to Make Your Brand Stand Out from the Crowd

Brands are continually trying to understanding how to stand out from the enormous, ever-growing crowd of “cool” brands. Generation Z …

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Creative Asset Management

How to Personalize and Adapt to New Social Channels at Scale

Luxe Digital released its 2020 report on luxury industry trends. Among the top trends for luxury was personalization at scale …

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Creative Asset Management

How to Achieve Personalization while Maintaining Customer-data Privacy

The recent trend of personalization at scale has retail brands deploying this strategy across all marketing campaigns. However, the rise …

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Creative Asset Management

How to Enhance Your Creative Content Collaboration

According to a study, more than half of retailers plan to increase their social media advertising budget across Facebook, …

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Creative Asset Management

The New Fashion Trend towards Using TikTok

TikTok is making a splash into the fashion industry, and brands are using the new social platform to drive sales.

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Creative Asset Management

Why Luxury Brands Must Harness AI to Survive

The latest news on BOF highlights news on how AI is not only a means of innovation for luxury brands …

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Creative Asset Management

How Fashion Tech Provides Transparency and Sustainability

A recent NYTimes post shows how Another Tomorrow harnesses AI and technology to provide consumer transparency on their clothing line.

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Creative Asset Management

Can Fashion Brands Keep Up with Next-Gen Social Platforms?

A BOF article “Want to See the Future of Social Media? Look to Asia” points out brands are perplexed by …

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Creative Asset Management

Can Fashion Brands Survive the Uncharted Terrains of 2020?

The State of Fashion 2020: Navigating Uncertainty produced by Mckinsey & Company in partnership with Business of Fashion reports that …

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Creative Asset Management

Buying Decisions Today: Utilizing a Creative Asset Management Platform to Increase Conversion

By Luke Schneider, Business Development at Globaledit Few imagined a decade ago that a large percentage of our transactions would …

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Creative Asset Management

AFTER THE SHOOT – Retouching Markups and Rounds – Part 3

By Luke Schneider, Business Development at Globaledit Welcome back to After The Shoot, the blog series about the modern creative …

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Creative Asset Management

AFTER THE SHOOT—The Editing Process— Part 2

By Luke Schneider, Business Development at Globaledit   Welcome back to After The Shoot, the blog-series about creative post-production workflow. …

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Creative Asset Management

After the Shoot: From RAW Files to Finalized Content

    By Luke Schneider, Business Development at Globaledit You did it, you’ve just finished that big production you’ve been …

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centralized platform

The Demand for More Creative Content Increases with the Trend for Customization

A recent Glossy article with the headline “Fashion Brands Are Using Customization” points to the industry’s growing trend of personalized …

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The 3 Major Obstacles Original Content Producers Face

Meet Today’s Creative Content Challenge Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, the leaders of original content production, intend to maximize their growth …

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Create Efficiency with a Creative Asset Management Platform

A Creative Asset Management platform (CAM) accelerates and enhances visual assets that will be leveraged downstream in marketing efforts. The markup and …

Photo Production

Fabletics: Speed is the Key

  A Key Metric In Today’s Photo Production ‘Time-to-site’ is becoming an increasingly throttled target within eComm photo and video …


How Tech Impacts Creative Production

Nike recently announced that they plan to release new features in their app that will allow consumers to shop the …

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Creative Asset Management

Can Creative Production Keep Up With The Demand For Content?

  A proliferation of research and articles show that the demand for creative content has significantly increased over the years. …


How Product Metadata Results in More Conversions

By David Iscove, Manager of Solution Architecture and Implementation at globaledit AI isn’t a buzzword anymore, it is a powerful …