5 Inspirational TED Talks

  Time to take a break and feed your creative mind with these inspirational TED Talks: 4 lessons in creativity – Julie Burstein Radio host Julie Burstein talks with creative people for a living — and shares four lessons about how to create in the face of challenge, self-doubt and loss. Hear insights from filmmaker Mira Nair, […]

5 Things to Do this Weekend to Boost Your Creativity

  Happy 4th of July! We know you’re constantly looking to feed your creative work. If you’re staying or visiting New York City this weekend, here are 5 must-see exhibits and activities that will boost your creative thinking:   Aperture: Photographs ‘Aperture: Photograph’s is an exhibition that tells the story of Aperture, through a display […]

Top 5 Stories of the Week

  Stay on top of industry news & trends with our top 5 must-read stories of the week! Here’s what you should read this week:   JPEG Compression Test: Google Photos vs. JPEGmini (via PetaPixel) How to reduce the size of photo files without changing the perceptual quality of the images? PetaPixel ran a series of tests to […]