Feature Update: Simultaneous Job Upload & More

Thanks to our customers’ feedback, we’re able to continuously provide even better features for globaledit users.  Here are a few new updates that you can start using right away!    Simultaneous Job Upload In an effort to save time and increase efficiency, users can now modify jobs during uploads. You can upload, append derivatives, create, […]

Feature Update – Set Password Expiration

globaledit now has updated password features that will allow admins to enhance their security options. Admins now have the ability to set the frequency (in days) when user passwords expire per account. They will also be able to set the number of days before a user is prompted to change their password. Setting a Password Expiration […]

Feature Updates

You ask. We listen. The globaledit team is focused on making the leading photo and video management platform even better. We constantly strive to make your life easier when it comes to Work in Progress (WIP) and creative production workflows. Check out these new feature updates, below. They’re available for you to use today. If […]

globaledit Update – Performance Improvements

The globaledit team is committed to helping you work even faster and more productively. Today we want to share with you some speed and performance improvements to the GLOBALedit platform: globaledit Integrates JPEGmini Technology Now with globaledit, creative and marketing teams can share and collaborate on high quality images at unprecedented speeds. The JPEGmini patent-pending […]

Feature Update – Watermarking

Happy new year! To kick off 2013, we’d like to introduce our last update from last year. Security is an important feature in GLOBALedit, since many of our clients deal in highly sensitive imagery. We added new and more granular options to Watermarking to further ensure this security: Repeating Watermarks Now you can set your […]

Feature Update – Appending Metadata

Workflows like talent tagging or captioning usually require multiple rounds of adding different metadata to large collections. It’s not always possible to get it right the first time. Yesterday, we introduced an update to the Metadata Editor so you can append metadata to multiple assets with different data values. This means you can add onto […]

GLOBALedit Launches Collaborative Markups

We’re very excited to announce Collaborative Markups, now live on GLOBALedit! Multiple users can make markups and text notes on an image and share with each other, their teams, and vendors. Public Markups Make your markup public so other users who have access to the image can view your edits and notes. View other users’ markups […]

Feature Update – Stamp Star Ratings

GLOBALedit reads star ratings made on images in applications like Adobe Bridge and Capture One. Now, any star ratings you change or add in GLOBALedit can be seen in those applications after download. Stamp Star Ratings on Download If you make or change a star rating of 0 through 5 on an image in GLOBALedit […]

Feature Update – Markups and Zoom

We’re always trying to make GLOBALedit even easier to use, so this week we’ve introduced some keyboard shortcuts to improve your photo editing experience. Markup Editor – Pen Tool Now, while using the Pen tool in Markup Editor you can hold the Shift key to create horizontal and vertical lines (see blue lines below) and […]

Weekend Feature Update – Password Protected Guest Lightboxes

Let’s imagine that you’ve got a collection of high-value approved images to distribute among your executives, marketing department and printers. Security is your priority here, and you need to control sharing among these non-system users. Sound familiar? This weekend GLOBALedit improved your security options when sending lightboxes and now you’ll be able to regulate sharing […]

Update Available for Aspera Connect – V 2.8.8

Aspera has released a new version of their Connect plugin that now supports MAC OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and addresses various fixes across different browsers. Download Aspera Connect V 2.8.8 for high-speed performance during GLOBALedit file transfers.    For a full description of release notes, visit the Aspera Connect website. If you have any additional questions about using Aspera Connect […]

Weekend Feature Update – Color Labels

Introducing… Color Labels! GLOBALedit’s new Color Label feature is an adaptable rating tool that allows users the freedom to denote unique meaning outside the traditional star, approve, kill, alt, and select ratings. Try color labels to organize asset usage for different projects and assign colors to different teams or departments. How you apply color labels […]

Weekend Feature Update – Custom Metadata Panels and More…

Check out the new feature updates to GLOBALedit! Autocomplete for Metadata Entry Speed up your metadata entry time, cut back on spelling mistakes, and reduce errors with the new auto-complete feature in the Metadata Editor. GLOBALedit will save your entries and auto-populate when you start typing, making it easier as you go. Custom Metadata Panels […]

Brand New Aspera Website Launched This Morning

Aspera debuted a revamped website this morning. The high-speed file transfer software company totally updated the look and feel of their website and we love it! One thing to note: The URL to their Aspera Connect plugin download page has changed. To update to the latest version, click here.   “

Weekend Feature Update – Filter by Notes and More

You asked, we listened. Over the weekend we made a few new feature upgrades on GLOBALedit to enhance your workflow. Check it out: Filter assets by Notes and Markups. This is a new feature that we feel is going to improve the workflow for creative teams who collaborate by making notes and markups on their assets. […]

GLOBALedit App for iPad – Update

Industrial Color has released an update for the GLOBALedit App for iPad, available at the Apple iTunes store. What’s new in version 1.0.11: Downloading large galleries is faster Added support for the new iPad’s Retina display Added new support site link Added support to copy filename by tapping and holding on the image Improved performance […]

GLOBALedit – V4 – We Are Live!

This past weekend we launched the new GLOBALedit version 4. Everything went smoothly and we are up and running. We also put up a new Support Site where you can search the knowledge base or submit a ticket with a question or issue. Also make sure to follow us on Twitter @GLOBALedit for up to […]

GLOBALedit Version 4 Tomorrow!

We’re all geared up for the GLOBALedit version 4 launch tomorrow morning! The GLOBALedit site will be down tomorrow, Saturday March 31, beginning at 7:30AM EST until about noon EST for this upgrade and routine maintenance. You can tune into our Twitter page @globaledit to keep updated on the most up-to-date system news and status. […]

Update Your GLOBALedit App for iPad!

In anticipation for the release of GLOBALedit version 4 next weekend, we want to ask all of our iPad users to update their GLOBALedit app for iPad to the latest version before then. You can do this by visiting the App Store App on your iPad and selecting the @f38Updates@f39 tab at the bottom of […]

GLOBALedit Version 4 Release Date

GLOBALedit has evolved organically since the release of the 3.0 platform in June 2006, and is used today by a wide range of clients on a daily basis for their work-in progress content and creative production workflow. So where to from here? We wanted to step back and figure out how to make the system […]

GLOBALedit App for iPad Update Available Now!

Industrial Color has just released a new version of GLOBALedit App for iPad, now available on the iTunes store. What’s New in Version 1.0.9 * Added support for GLOBALedit version 4 * Fixed bugs with error messages when changing email and password * Fixed iOS 5 compatibility issues The GLOBALedit App for iPad is a […]

Latest Safari and Aspera Connect Issue

Please be advised that the Aspera Connect plugin is currently incompatible with Safari 5.1.  For GLOBALedit users, this issue affects Mac users with upload or download rights only.  This issue affects all Mac users of FileSociety. Aspera is currently working on an update (a 64-bit version of the Connect plugin) and expects to have a […]