Globaledit App Updates

Feature updates: Update 1:  To help users who are usually using one tool often (such as the metadata editor or markup editor) we’ve added the ability to remember the last tool you used. Thus, when you log in to Globaledit, the tool used previously will be preloaded.

Adding Crop Marks to Image Markups

  We’ve released a commonly requested globaledit feature — adding crop marks to images. The markup tool now allows you to draw constrained rectangles to clearly specify a set aspect ratio. To use the new feature, click on the shape icon in the Markup Editor. Select the shape you want and begin drawing. More tips […]

iOS November 2015 Release

    Globaledit web platform: Read about the November 2015 Software Update.   We released a new update to our iOS app this morning and users on iOS 9 with iPads and devices with 3D touch will appreciate the new touches. Additionally, we’ve made it easy to share lightboxes right from within the application to make collaborating […]

November 2015 Software Update

  Globaledit iOS app for iPhone and iPad: Read the iOS November 2015 Release.   We released an update to the globaledit web platform and want to share some some of the changes. Among the most exciting new features are mobile-friendly lightboxes to make quickly sharing images faster and a new capability we’re calling ‘Workflows’. […]

Globaledit for iOS – September 2015 Update

  Reviewing assets while on-the-go is about to get easier. The latest update to our iOS app makes it easy to filter and sort images so you can very quickly find and review exactly the images you need to see from your iPhone or iPad. To get to the new feature, enter a job and […]

August 2015 Software Update: Now Live!

  At globaledit, we’re constantly leveraging today’s tools and technology to make your creative production process seamless. This month, we’ve released a bunch of great features and new upgrades. You can now enjoy:   now live! upload images directly from your iPhone/ipad You requested it, we did it! You can now upload images directly from your […]

June 2015 Software Update: Now Live!

  June was a busy month for the development team at globaledit. We’ve improved performance, increased security, squashed bugs, and added a few powerful functionalities to help you gain more control over your creative production. We’re excited to introduce our latest features and newest improvements!   Markup Editor now supports PDFs – You could already mark and […]

Introducing video comments in globaledit

  Video review & approval is a tedious process that often means endless emails, confusing feedback, and unpredictable outcomes. Video teams all around the world are constantly facing this problem, so we at globaledit came up with a solution: Frame accurate video commenting. You can now provide or get precise feedback to or from your collaborators by adding comments on […]

Automate your uploads with globaledit desktop

  Looking for innovative ways to optimize your creative production? We are too! This is why we’re bringing you globaledit desktop, a new tool to upload your assets to the globaledit cloud faster than ever. globaledit desktop automatically uploads your assets from your computer to your globaledit account. Watch Tommy Lionelli, Product Manager at globaledit, introduce […]

How using @mentions in globaledit can save you time

We’re excited to announce our latest release: @mentions. In the Asset Notes panel, just type the @ symbol followed by the first letters of your contact’s name, then select his/her name, and voilà! Your contact(s) will automatically get notified in their inbox and see a notification in globaledit. By using @mentions, you can easily: Save time […]

New and improved photo markup editor in globaledit!

  We’re very excited to kick off 2015 with our latest release: A new and improved photo markup editor.  We’ve rebuilt this popular feature to bring you finer control and easier commenting in an easy-to-use interface. You can now enjoy a brand new markup experience in globaledit markup editor: New look, improved performance, and expanded functionalities on […]

New timesaving feature to manage your library

  Good news! In globaledit you can now select multiple folders within a job or multiple Lightboxes to move them to a different location.   How to do that? Just the way you’re used to doing on your desktop: Hold Shift/Control while selecting all of your folders or Lightboxes Drag/drop them in the job or […]

New Feature: Comment in globaledit via eMail

Tired of going back-and-forth from your globaledit account to your inbox? We heard you. And we’re stepping up YOUR game, so you can now directly reply to globaledit emails to create comments within globaledit. How does it work? Respond directly from your inbox to a Lightbox share notification or a Lightbox comment email, and your new comment […]

Secure Against Bash Bug

By now you’ve heard of a vulnerability in the Bash shell application within Linux/Unix systems (also known as “Shellshock” and “Bash bug”) that was made public last week. We want you to know that globaledit’s core application does not run on public-facing Linux or Unix servers, and was not impacted in any way. As a […]

Capture One and Bridge Ratings Support & More

We’re always working to make globaledit even better for our users and their creative production workflow, so we’re pleased to announce a new batch of product updates out now! Capture One and Bridge ratings compatible – We now support color ratings sync for Capture One and select/alt/approve ratings for Adobe Bridge at ingest and export. […]

Major App Updates

We’re excited to announce the release of our most recent iOS update with loads of new features to streamline your workflow. New notifications, easier asset selection, improved job navigation, and an updated info panel make working between the web and your mobile devices that much more seamless. Check out the full details below, and see the powerful new […]

New! Feature Updates

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just released new feature updates to globaledit that’ll make your workflow even more streamlined. Assets load faster, galleries and uplinks are easier to create, new real-time notifications make work speedier, and security is…well…even more secure. Faster Asset Loading – Jobs and folders with large asset counts will see a significant decrease […]

Feature Release: HD Video Streaming

globaledit has incorporated advanced HD Video streaming capabilities so you can upload, process and view high quality videos – and fast. With Akamai technology, videos are streamed at 720p regardless of which device you are using.  Upload videos onto globaledit from anywhere and we’ll intuitively adapt streaming quality based on your internet connection to ensure […]

Feature Release: Notifications

Notifications are here! We’ve developed the new globaledit Notifications feed so you can stay in the know and up to date as you collaborate.  This helpful new feature ensures that you’re always on top of where you are in your workflow. You know at anytime what is happening to your jobs and lightboxes. You will […]

Feature Release: Lightbox Filters

Quickly navigate through growing assets and collections even faster, now with Lightbox Filters!  We’ve added new functionality to the Lightbox panel that allows you to quickly enter text and pare down your Lightbox list.  Now you can find what you’re looking for instantly, instead of having to scroll through all of your Lightboxes. This new feature is […]

Feature Update: SuperZoom

globaledit  now has a SuperZoom feature which replaces the classic zoom with new controls and increased image resolution and browsing speed. Additionally, the updated zoom feature is integrated within the main interface allowing for review of larger images. The SuperZoom tool is located in the UI in the One Up and Two Up viewing options. Once you select an asset, you can then select […]

Feature Update: XMP Sidecar

If you enter metadata using globaledit, an .XMP sidecar option is now available to export along with the raw files. The .xmp file will be able to be downloaded from any asset. globaledit will now automatically create .xmp sidecar files based on the metadata in globaledit that users can download. This is useful because sometimes a user will bring low […]