Can Creative Production Keep Up With The Demand For Content?

  A proliferation of research and articles show that the demand for creative content has significantly increased over the years. As a result, traditional approaches to creative content production have shifted. Previously, companies allocated hefty sums of money to taking a few high-quality shots for a single consumer touch point. Now modern-day consumption models call […]

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Where Are We Now? The Current Landscape of eCommerce Creative Production

More, More, More In today’s eComm world, it’s not just about the brand’s own site anymore. With the rapid rise of alternative online channels for content (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), retailers face increasing pressure to engage with both customers and prospects in new ways.   For consumers, following brands on social media is a great way to stay current […]

5 Easy Ways to Implement Modifications to Your Creative Production Workflow

We’ve all been there before. Your company’s creative production workflow process isn’t functioning quite as well as you’d like, but you’re not sure how to fix it without derailing the whole thing. Do you scrap everything and start from scratch? Do you make modifications to each step? Do you just leave it alone and hope […]


The digital asset management and creative production industry commonly mistake Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Work In Progress (WIP). People often believe they need a digital asset management (DAM) system when in reality, they’re looking for a Work In Progress system. There is overlap between the two, but also some distinct differences. Below are the […]

A guide to revisiting your creative production workflow [Part 1]

  When getting creative assets out the door becomes too painful, and complaints and frustrations start to pile up, now might be a good time to review your organization’s processes and inefficiencies. Revisiting a workflow is an arduous task that requires months of planning and adjustment. But doing so can bring tremendous value to your […]

How to measure your creative operations

Written by Brian Stuckey, Senior Product Manager at globaledit. One of the books that has really shaped my thinking about creative operations is Eliyahu Goldratt’s The Goal. The basic plot is about a manufacturing plant manager faced with a failing organization and tasked with turning the operation around or the plant will close. The book […]

3 Ways to Improve Creative Production Workflow

  We’ve all been there: Trying to make the most of our time by using production shortcuts that can save our schedule. But when your company or client starts producing high volume of creative assets for their multi-channel retailing and marketing strategy, the ‘quick & dirty’ fixes that worked for small scale teams or creative production no longer […]

How to Optimize Your Retouching Workflow

  For eCommerce, advertising campaigns, or editorial features, retouching is an essential part of every creative production process. Both photography and retouching go hand-in-hand to create the most beautiful and compelling imagery to a reflect a product, a brand, and a creative vision. We’ve met with Katie Ryan, Account Director at retouching and CG super-boutique, […]

Organizing Your Asset Library: How to Get Started

As creatives we want everything to look good. We accomplish this through thoughtful design. Managing your production process should be no different.  Before jumping into building out your cloud-based asset library there are a few key questions you need to ask yourself to make sure it’s “designed thoughtfully” as well.  We asked globaledit Account Manager, Corrie Zaccaria, […]