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Client Story: Showtime
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“Our creative team loves Globaledit because it’s easy to use. Using this platform saves us time and money, which translates into more production capacity.”
Paul Nicholson, VP of Print & Broadcast Production, Showtime Networks

Showtime Networks and its in-house creative agency produce promotional and branding material for all of its properties, encompassing thousands of photos each season. The company was experiencing an unorganized production process spanning across all divisions.

Collaboration was non-existent which caused bottlenecks. Talent wasn’t receiving the appropriate images and creative teams weren’t getting the necessary approvals. Showtime was also spending excessive time managing metadata and manually correcting inconsistencies.


Showtime’s creative team was on-boarded into Globaledit to collaborate, edit, approve and distribute imagery. The platform’s Approval Gallery Tool distributes image collections for talent approval, giving creative teams full control over kill rights, expiration and reports. Globaledit’s XMP metadata tools guaranteed seamless integration with Showtime’s in-house DAM system. Now anyone can search and filter by talent, photographer, rights, and more. Showtime maximized available bandwidth by utilizing Globaledit’s high-speed file transfer technology, slashing production time.


Showtime drastically increased photo production capacity for their creative groups. All marketing and advertising materials go to market faster because teams and talent can make approvals easily. No time or money is wasted on reviewing old assets – everything is current and live through 24/7 collaboration capability within the cloud.

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