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Client Story: Men’s Wearhouse
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“Any time a company makes big changes to their workflow, there can be resistance. But once the team saw how easy the system was and how it solved our workflow problems, they quickly jumped on board.”
Spencer Harris, Photo System Administrator, Men’s Wearhouse.

At Men’s Wearhouse, the photo studio supports the eCommerce, editorial and lifestyle photography requests for all nine of their brands under the Men’s Wearhouse umbrella. Their workflow involved excessive amounts of manual tracking and coordination for thousands of photos each month. The distribution of final retouched assets (FRA’s) was also ineffective with regard to making assets visible to the creative team and getting the feedback required to move on to the next step in production. Finally, the market-ready assets weren’t being efficiently distributed to the teams that needed to leverage them.


Once implemented, hundreds of thousands of assets were instantly organized and trackable within globaledit. A custom folder structure was created to make it easy for various user groups, including creative teams and brand managers, to access the photography they need at the right stage of the production process. Internally, permissions and user rights were set up to ensure that assets are shared appropriately. The brand teams started using globaledit’s Lightbox feature to share final assets with vendors outside of the organization and avoid costly mistakes.


The Men’s Wearhouse photo department was able to slash delivery time to the various internal groups and ramp up their production capacity. The department has grown to manage two additional brands and two sub-brands along with thousands more assets per month. From concept to final asset, the streamlined workflow allows the creative teams to produce content more efficiently, ultimately benefiting the marketing and sales initiatives of the brand.

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