Working with Videos in GLOBALedit

By Globaledit
Jul 07, 2010

GLOBALedit allows you to manage your workflow more efficiently with the support of video by providing you with the same easy-to-use tools you have already been using to manage your image content.

Simply upload your hi-res videos using the Library Manager and the system will automatically encode and process out a lower-res, web-optimized version that you can view instantly. Work with image and video content side by side. Through your Library Manager or Image Editor you can make edits, send videos through lightboxes, apply metadata, and provide access to download videos.

GLOBALedit Approval Galleries are extremely helpful for film production, whether it is for a TV show, movie, or advertising campaign. You can send out dailies for approval from talent, publicists, and executives while eliminating the need for creating and distributing discs or hard drives. To create an Approval Gallery, navigate to Manage > Galleries. Click “Create a New Gallery,” where you can choose either a lightbox or a folder from your library – even an entire job.

You can allow the recipient to either Approve or Kill images (depending on your workflow) and specify expiration dates and kill percentages. You can monitor the progress of these approval galleries, as well as view edit ratings instantly updated in your library.

For more information on how to manage your workflow please visit our SupportWiki or contact us at  Stay tuned for future tips and tricks that can help streamline your workflow.

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