When shooting your images through CaptureOne, you can seamlessly integrate your workflow with GLOBALedit to preserve your ratings and metadata and share with your creative production team.
Use CaptureOne to apply Star ratings and metadata when shooting on set.

When setting up your CaptureOne recipe, click “Advanced” and make sure to check the “Include Ratings and Color Tags” box. This will ensure your ratings and metadata will be included in the outputted JPGs.

When you upload these JPGs to GLOBALedit, the Star ratings will be reflected in the Library, and you can view and further edit your metadata in the Metadata Editor.

Per standard digital capture workflows, you can also use the plus (+) sign to indicate Star ratings. Any file that has 1 to 5 plus signs at the beginning of the filename to indicate an on-set select will populate the corresponding Star rating in GLOBALedit.
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