Weekend Feature Update – Password Protected Guest Lightboxes

By Globaledit
Oct 22, 2012

Let’s imagine that you’ve got a collection of high-value approved images to distribute among your executives, marketing department and printers. Security is your priority here, and you need to control sharing among these non-system users. Sound familiar?

This weekend GLOBALedit improved your security options when sending lightboxes and now you’ll be able to regulate sharing among your guest users.

Password Protection for Lightboxes to Guest Users

You now have the option to assign a password to lightboxes sent to guest users. To do this, you must first send out the lightbox. Then, navigate to that lightbox’s Options dropdown > View Properties 

Checkmark Set Password for Guests. Passwords can be up to 30 characters and a counter in the text field will indicate this.


As a guest user, you will be prompted to enter a password immediately upon entering the lightbox.

Share your ideas for feature upates with us at support@globaledit.com.

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