Weekend Feature Update – Custom Metadata Panels and More…

By Globaledit
Aug 06, 2012

Check out the new feature updates to GLOBALedit!
Autocomplete for Metadata Entry
Speed up your metadata entry time, cut back on spelling mistakes, and reduce errors with the new auto-complete feature in the Metadata Editor. GLOBALedit will save your entries and auto-populate when you start typing, making it easier as you go.

Custom Metadata Panels
There are a lot of different metadata schemas and sometimes it can be difficult to organize the different fields you need for your workflow. Custom Metadata Panels allow you to create unique metadata views for your organization and teams.
This feature is accessible via Admin > Metadata > Add New Custom Metadata Panel.

Create pointer fields that map to selected fields from chosen schemas, which you can name and organize into a view panel that shows everything you need at a glance. For example, you can create a “Captions” field that maps to the Dublin Core Description field, making it easier for your users to know what metadata to enter while still maintaining your powerful metadata workflow standards on the backend.

Panel fields will show the data in the schema fields they map to, and the schema fields will show the data in the corresponding panel fields. Edit one and the other will be instantly updated.

We’ve also separated out Panels and Schemas in the Metadata Editor drop-downs for even easier selection and navigation.

Stay tuned for a full Custom Metadata Panel breakdown post soon.

Multiple Asset Rights Request Approval
We’ve made it easier for you to work through your asset requests. Simply checkmark all assets you want to approve or deny at once! GLOBALedit will send a single email to each of your recipients, cutting down on email clutter.

Stay tuned for the next update! In the meantime, submit your thoughts or feature requests via our support site ticket system.

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