Weekend Feature Update – Color Labels

By Globaledit
Aug 27, 2012

Introducing… Color Labels! GLOBALedit’s new Color Label feature is an adaptable rating tool that allows users the freedom to denote unique meaning outside the traditional star, approve, kill, alt, and select ratings. Try color labels to organize asset usage for different projects and assign colors to different teams or departments. How you apply color labels is up to you!

How to Apply Color Labels

Simply select the individual asset you’d like to assign a color label to. Once it is highlighted, click the Options gear and choose your label.

You can apply a color label to multiple assets at once. Highlight the assets you’d like to group. Use the Options drop-down menu on the top right corner of the asset preview panel and select the color label you want to assign.

Keyboard Commands

Try these easy keyboard commands when making your ratings with color labels. Shift + 0 – 5 will automatically assign a label.  1 = Red, 2= Yellow, 3= Green, 4= Blue, and 5=Purple. Remember that you can access a list of all the keyboard commands by clicking the button at the top of the asset preview panel.

Filtering by Color Labels 

To filter your library by a single color label, select “All” and choose the color. To filter by several groups of color labels, use the “Any” condition and choose all the colors you’d like to filter by. 

Want to find out more about using color labels or any other ratings tool? Contact us at support@globaledit.com and send us feedback, comments and support questions.

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