Weekend Feature Update – Advanced Search in Lightboxes and More

By Globaledit
Oct 08, 2012

GLOBALedit added some new updates over this weekend. These handy features are bound to save you time.
Filename in Large Preview Mode
You will now find the filename of the current asset displayed on the bottom right corner of the screen. This update is an improvement to viewing assets in large preview mode. Having the filename in-view adds value to scrolling through a collection, making ratings and notes.

Advanced Search in Owned Lightboxes

Now you can search by metadata, file extension, filename, notes and ratings within your own lightboxes. Select the Advanced link next to the search bar and produce a filtered search using the dropdown menus.

Save Most Recent Search

Your most recent search now saves automatically. You’ll find this cuts time in half when searching for the same conditions in different folders or lightboxes.

Send us your feedback, suggestions or feature requests at support@globaledit.com.

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