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By Globaledit
Jun 26, 2015

Stay on top of industry news & trends with our top 5 must-read stories of the week!
Here’s what you should read this week:

JPEG Compression Test: Google Photos vs. JPEGmini (via PetaPixel)
How to reduce the size of photo files without changing the perceptual quality of the images? PetaPixel ran a series of tests to compare the photo compression performance of the newly released Google Photo vs. JPEGmini.

Get Ready for Social Media’s Big Event Trends (via Freeman XP)
From Twitter’s Project Lightening to Snapchat’s Our Stories to Instagram’s Search & Explore, social media platforms are capitalizing on customer- and brand-generated content shared during live events.

Adobe Has Entered the Stock Photo Market, Competes with Getty and Shutterstock (via Resource Magazine)
The market for stock images is massive, coming in at over $3 billion. That’s why Adobe just launched Adobe Stock, which lets consumers buy and sell creative content (images and graphics) directly through the Creative Cloud interface.

Twitter Gets More Shoppable With Product Pages And Collections (via Techcrunch)
Slowly but surely Twitter moves into eCommerce, releasing two new products this week: Product and Place Pages and Collections. This means more eCommerce channels to manage, and new opportunities for brands.

Comedy Central in the Post-TV Era (via The New York Times)
The network is in the middle of a creative renaissance and a business-model crisis. What does a television network do when its bread-and-butter demographic, young, piracy-fluent, glued to phones, stops watching television?

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