We Take Storage Seriously
By Globaledit
May 05, 2011

Industrial Color Software’s VP of Development, Aaron Holm, will be speaking at the Inaugural Big Data Storage Summit at EMC World on Wednesday, May 11 in Las Vegas. The event will feature interactive discussions on today’s challenges in managing and extracting value from data.
Industrial Color Software hosts its applications and customer content in its custom built data center in New York City.  The facility has multiple 1 Gbps internet connections, diesel generator backup, and over 250 TB of active storage. The data center utilizes five separate Isilon storage clusters for Globaledit, FileSociety, high-speed video and offsite disaster recovery. A recently implemented 10 Gbps network allows for high performance video applications.
The hosting environment includes multiple layers of physical, logical, and software security to protect our customer’s assets and has been audited by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) for security, failover and implementation best practices. Each night all of our customer data is replicated to a disaster recovery facility located offsite in White Plains, NY.
Please let us know if you have any additional questions on how we manage data by emailing us at support@globaledit.com

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