Introducing video comments in globaledit

By Globaledit


Video review & approval is a tedious process that often means endless emails, confusing feedback, and unpredictable outcomes.
Video teams all around the world are constantly facing this problem, so we at globaledit came up with a solution: Frame accurate video commenting.
You can now provide or get precise feedback to or from your collaborators by adding comments on video at a specific timecode, selecting a frame, or manually entering the timecode.
With video commenting in globaledit, your team can:

  • Instantly review your video from any devices (web, iOS)
  • Provide or receive frame-by-frame comments on a video
  • Centralize all feedback on a video into one exportable pdf

To get started, open your video using the globaledit Markup Editor mode. Now, you’re all set to review & comment your video!
Visit our dedicated support article for a full review of video commenting in globaledit, or contact our dedicated team of User Champions.