Useful TIps for Sending High-Res Files

By Globaledit
Oct 06, 2009

Often, photographers using globaledit will contact us asking how to deliver a bunch of high-res files to a client, an agency, or another member of their team.
A recently developed feature of globaledit is the Lightning Box. An extension of the Lightbox, it allows the user to send a group of images to another user to download with one simple click. Here?s how:
1. Create a Lightbox of the images you want to send. For example, these can be all the selects from your recent shoot (use the Filter options).

2. Click the Email Lightbox option next to your lightbox. When filling out the requested fields, be sure to click the Enable Lightning Box checkbox to activate this function. You can choose what files you want to send (Original, TIFs, whatever is available). Be sure to specify an expiration date; it’s required.

3. Once the Lightning Box is ready, your recipient will receive an email notification. The user can go to the link provided and just click on the Download button under the top toolbar and above the images. The images will be downloaded in a neat package, sorted out by image type.

For more information on Lightboxes, visit its support page: Lightboxes Support
Stay tuned next week for other ways globaledit helps to streamline your workflow.

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