Use Cloud Asset Management to Grow Your Business, globaledit®

Cloud Asset Management, in its simplest form, is managing what’s stored in the cloud as it pertains to your business. For example, if your company has a creative sector (marketers, retouchers, digital asset managers, etc.) they can store assets within globaledit. In this case, since globaledit runs on cloud governance, your Cloud Asset Management (CAM) system for your creative assets would be globaledit.

Having Cloud Asset Management for your business ensures that processes run smoothly and securely within the cloud infrastructure.

Is there value in a Cloud Asset Management system?

In short, yes. Having Cloud Asset Management ensures that you have visibility and control over all of your assets. Let’s say your creative assets were stored within globaledit, you would be able to use the integrations of the software to control your assets from ingestion to distribution. This provides you with unparalleled control over what those assets are being used for.

What are the benefits?

The first thing to consider when looking at Cloud Asset Management is automation. The process of asset discovery and inventory of assets is automated because there is one source of truth for all of those assets. With Cloud Asset Management, you will no longer have to spend endless hours looking through data. Instead, your business is becoming self-serving in a sense because you’re feeding the data you need into the system.

Another important part of Cloud Asset Management is accuracy. If we’re talking about creative assets, you’re essentially removing human error when searching for, editing, commenting, or rating a visual. The key here is that there’s visibility across the system. Asset accuracy ensures the optimization of your business by taking the guesswork out of data.

Lastly, a Cloud Asset Management system ensures your assets security. Cloud Asset Management systems allow your business to see potential risks to your cloud infrastructure. That way, you can act before the threat occurs, make sure your company’s assets are always safe.