Use Case: globaledit Desktop for Event Photography

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Q&A with Marketing Producer, Julia Foresman of Industrial color brands

We’ve been talking a lot about the gallery exhibit going on at our headquarters in TriBeCa over the past month.  As Jean Jullien’s installation comes to a close at the end of May, the Industrial Color Brands team shared with us how they’ve leveraged globaledit to manage content creation for its four divisions: Industrial Color, Fast Ashleys Studios, Impact Digital, and (of course) globaledit.

How do you leverage events for marketing purposes?

As a brand we’re entrenched in creative production on all levels, so being able to curate a creative endeavor ourselves is event photography, Use Case: globaledit Desktop for Event Photography, globaledit®essential.  An exhibit like our recent collaboration with Jean Jullien offers huge opportunity to engage with the community about something aside from the services we offer.  Practically, this also means creating a lot of promotional content about the exhibit, the artist, and putting on an event for the opening.

What is your role in the process?

I’m responsible for curating all of the raw content and distributing it on our websites through blog articles and social media. Because I work for all of the Industrial Color Brands divisions that means managing four websites and 16+ social media outlets, each with original content that aligns with their specific  ‘voice’.

How did you manage all of the assets produced in promoting an event like this?

Use Case: globaledit Desktop for Event Photography, globaledit®Part of what has made my job easier in promoting globaledit as a platform is that I legitimately use it every day to manage all of our photo and video assets. With four divisions under the Industrial Color Brands umbrella, we’re producing a wide variety of content every day that isn’t specific to one division.  Events are unique in that we’re promoting across all divisions simultaneously, so we have four times the amount of distribution all at once.

What is the biggest challenge with managing event photography?

Event photography like a photo booth can be a monster of a task. Time is of the essence when it comes to leveraging the post-show buzz and all of the photography captured during it. By the next day people want to see the photo booth collection and share the photos themselves, and of course we want them to as well.event photography, Use Case: globaledit Desktop for Event Photography, globaledit®

Thanks to the team at Industrial Color we have a custom photo booth set-up that people get super engaged with at our events.  In fours we’re talking upwards of three thousand photos.  The challenge here is being able to quickly pare down 3,000 some images into multiple galleries to share by the next afternoon.

 How do You get from 3,000 photos to the few you want to use?

Once in globaledit I use a star rating method to quickly pare selects down to a few hundred and then separate out 25-50 unique photos for each division. I put each division’s photos into a separate Lightbox, download them and get to work on distributing.  By the afternoon I’ll have created four Facebook albums, four blog articles and who knows how many additional social posts cross promoting and linking them all together.event photography, Use Case: globaledit Desktop for Event Photography, globaledit®
Usually, I’d start this process by getting a drive from our photo booth Tech and uploading all the assets first thing the next day.  However, this event was our first time using the new ‘globaledit desktop’ feature for the booth, which was hugely beneficial.

How was globaledit desktop used in this case?

The globaledit team set up a ‘hot folder’ at the capture station so that every single photo taken in the booth automatically uploaded into a folder in globaledit right on the spot.  No drive to upload the next morning. And both RAW and jpgs were accessible immediately.  I was able to start making selects that night, cutting down the turn-around time to distribution even further. This was also great for the Industrial Color Tech who handled the photo event photography, Use Case: globaledit Desktop for Event Photography, globaledit®booth set up.  He didn’t have to manage handing over files the next day or creating a backup because it was all done for them automatically.

What is the biggest benefit from your experience incorporating globaledit desktop at the event?

Definitely how much time it saved, especially being under the pressure of a hard deadline.  Between cutting out the back and forth to get my hands on a drive and the time of doing a mass upload, I saved three hours before even walking in the door the next day. That time makes a huge difference when you still have your general day-to-day tasks to get done.

Any advice for people managing event photography?event photography, Use Case: globaledit Desktop for Event Photography, globaledit®

It’s really important to come up with an efficient rating & filtering system that makes sense to you.  For the first pass you really can’t be too precious with each photo.  I’ll scroll through everything one time quickly and uniformly give a 3 stars to all ‘usable’ photos.  Then I filter out anything that isn’t 3 stars so immediately the photos are pared down to a more manageable selection.  With a more limited collection, I can then go through and use color labels to indicate which division or outlet it should be used for. So I know that green is Industrial Color and red is Fast Ashleys Studios, etc… Once that’s done, again I quickly filter by ratings and add to individual Lightboxes.  I download those and have four perfectly organized (& unique) collections to draw from.
For more behind-the-scenes from Jean Jullien’s exhibit at the Industrial Color Brands gallery, you can watch an interview with the artist and check out (all four) of the photo booth galleries here, here, here and here
Learn more about globaledit desktop in the short video below!

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