Rights and Wrongs of User Permissions [Snackinar Recording]

  There’s a fine line between open collaboration and a free for all. Managing a media library of thousands of assets is hard. Managing access to all of those assets is even harder. How do we separate access for internal vs. external users? Who can view what? And what can be distributed when? globaledit puts […]

Snackinar Recording: The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Workflows

We know your type. You’re smart. You’re savvy. You’ve got an arsenal of tools you’ve brought together to create your photo production process. But cobbling tools together doesn’t create a streamlined workflow. Find out how globaledit replaces FTP, spreadsheets, emails and other non-enterprise tools. In this session attendees will learn: How to share files more […]

Adam Selman FW14 at Industrial Color

Amidst our teams shooting runway shows this New York Fashion Week, we also brought a presentation right into our own abode. Industrial Color Brands proudly presented Adam Selman’s FW14 collection. Selman worked with stylist, Mel Ottenberg and collaborated with headphone designer, Skullcandy to deliver an impressive sophomore collection. Our gallery was filled with some of […]