Tips & Tricks: Reasons to love Aspera

By Globaledit
Jul 27, 2012

Aspera is an easy-to-install web browser plug-in that powers high-speed uploads and downloads, compatible with most standard browsers. We can’t recommend it enough for your workflow using GLOBALedit.
Top 10 Reasons to Love Aspera

  1. It’s Free. Shall I go on? Yes…
  2. Fast. The high speed transfer is the best way to upload assets and the only way to upload entire folders into GLOBALedit.
  3. Security you can trust. Rest better knowing Aspera has a high level security protocol. Aspera provides complete built-in security without compromising transfer speed. With conventional file transfer protocols, security, monitoring, and logging are deferred to external systems.
  4. No specialized hardware is required for implementation. It’s one simple lightweight download.
  5. It will automatically resume partial or failed transfers.
  6. Efficiency for transferring large set of small files. *For Example, a photographer in New Zealand can send one thousand 2MB files to a retoucher in NY with an effective transfer speed of 155 Mbps.
  7. Aspera finds and fills all unclaimed bandwidth to provide stable and perfectly efficient transfer.
  8. The largest enterprise level companies, studios, media outlets, telecommunication operators, sports leagues and government agencies rely on Aspera to transport their highly valuable digital assets. Some move excess of one terabyte per day!
  9. Transfer is independent of network delays.
  10. Luke, VP of Motivation & Inspiration 

To learn more about using Aspera with GLOBALedit, check out his handy article from our Support Site.
Download Aspera Plug-In here.

Some companies or organizations have a firewall that prevents the high speed connection from occurring. To make the connection possible you or your IT department need to open the following ports:
? TCP – Port 22
? UDP – Port 33001 – 33022

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