Omnichannel marketing is reshaping creative operations teams, noticed Vanessa Holden, Independent Consultant and former SVP, Creative Director at West Elm. Vanessa was part of a panel discussion titled “The impact of omnichannel on creative operations” presented by globaledit, on September 22nd, 2015. She shared with us her thoughts and insights on the evolving role of creative and production teams on set.

1. Integrated production: the new normal

Today, creative teams are becoming more integrated to produce and serve every channel of the marketing mix. The multiplicity of channels forces production teams to leverage every photo shoot to produce a large variety of visual content (photos, behind-the-scene photos and videos, etc.) in a minimum amount of time and budget. Typically, the main photo shoot with models for print and catalog becomes an opportunity for brands and organizations to create low-budget visual content, such as behind-the-scenes photos and videos, which can be leveraged on a multitude of channels.

2. Building hybrid creative and operations teams

This new integrated approach requires creative production teams to develop a new skill set: “An art director mindset in a creative ops space”. Creative teams become hybrid as they need to understand all the moving and visual parts involved in the campaign creation, the connection, continuity, and complementarity of each piece.

3. Mastering the visual vocabulary of a brand

The fluency and confidence in the visual vocabulary of a brand throughout the [creative production] team is going to be more of a differentiator”, said Vanessa Holden. With reduced teams on set and shrinking budgets, everybody on set needs to know the brand’s values and objectives, and identify in real-time the perfect moment, image, video, format that will best convey the brand’s story. A successful brand will be able to get the right tuning of the visuals it needs and it creates on set, especially with distributed creative teams.
Watch what Vanessa has to say about the new creative production team in an omnichannel world: