The 3 Major Obstacles Original Content Producers Face

By Globaledit

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Meet Today’s Creative Content Challenge

Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, the leaders of original content production, intend to maximize their growth of original content production in 2019. Past success with original content only calls for more original content creation. 

According to a recent Variety article, Netflix’s CFO David Wells commented, “Let’s continue to add content–it’s working, it’s driving growth.”Growth for these leaders is measured outside of revenue; unique viewership is key. To support attracting more unique viewers across a growing original content collection these studios need to invest heavily in marketing.

If media and entertainment leaders want to win the battle for viewers they need to pump out promotional content faster than their competitors and aggressively promote it across all marketing channels. The recent success of Netflix’s Bird Box is proof of the power of early and heavy advertising for new releases. To successfully execute advertisements, leaders must remove obstacles that slow them down when managing unit and gallery photography for key art.

Obstacle 1: Inefficient Talent Approvals

One of the most crucial parts to releasing key art for marketing and promotional purposes is the talent approval process. It is important for the talent to have their images sent to them in a secure and timely manner. Additionally, it is crucial to have technology that can easily track the amount of killed or approved images made by any given talent. A platform that can create a unique image gallery with precise ratios of approvals and kills efficiently moves the correct visual assets into the next step in the asset lifecycle, in turn slashing the production time of promotional content.

Obstacle 2: Ineffective Searches for Creative Assets

The key to producing promotional content quickly is finding the correct images you need, with specific actors, scenes, movies, etc, and ensuring you have the right to use them for that particular media. Locating the right visual asset for a certain channel and campaign in a mounting pile of images can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack. If metadata is applied to each photo, with technology, searching and finding the right image is a seamless experience. We are just at the beginning of all studios truly reaping the benefit of leveraging metadata to improve processes and enhance the security of visual assets.

Obstacle 3: Disconnected Collaboration

Creating high-quality primary artwork used across all ads and promotions for a motion picture can be a tedious process when lacking a creative workflow process. Many details from the font of the title to the portrayal of the actors must be determined and approved by various key players. Without a creative collaboration management system, conflicting opinions on visual designs, fonts, scenes, actors, etc. can lengthen production time, or cause an entire advertising campaign to be cancelled because timely release deadlines cannot be met.

Bring a Technology Focus to Drive Growth

With an effective creative workflow management system in place, media and entertainment studios can outshine their competitors and win over viewers. Learn more about how a creative asset management system can enhance efficiency and drive growth for media and entertainment brands.