Built for creatives by creatives: globaledit®

By Globaledit

When creative professionals are evaluating technology, such as a work-in-progress platform (often also referred to as a collaboration platform), one of the questions they need to ask is, “who developed the product?”
Was it someone who had a “great” idea one day, a product manager who did a handful of prospect interviews, or was it someone who would actually use the product himself? Was it someone who was feeling actual pain, and found a way to solve it?
While each approach can provide value, there are varying degrees of value that tech can provide. Understanding the history behind who developed your solution, and why, can reveal the differences between a tool that just ‘does the job’ versus a tool that you feel was designed for your exact needs.
Globaledit’s creative collaboration platform was developed by creatives for creatives. Our history as the pioneers in creative production explains why we’re the right choice for driving efficiencies that accelerate the creative process. We continually strive to provide acceleration tools to increase the capacity of creative teams, ensuring you never miss a deadline.

Our History

1991: Impact Digital founded

Founder Steve Kalalian and Janet Mayfield start the company under Impact Digital, a two-person graphic design team.

1996: Impact Digital Retouching and Pre-Press launched

Impact Digital specializes in retouching and pre-press for high-end photography and fashion.

2001: Industrial Color founded

Industrial Color is established to offer the first digital capture packages in the industry, setting the new standard for digital production.

2002: Acquisition of Fast Ashley Studios

Industrial Color expands to operate Fast Ashleys Studios, Brooklyn’s premier full-service photo studio and equipment rental center.

2003: globaledit® launched

Industrial Color launches globaledit®, a web-based production workflow platform for creative teams. The SaaS platform provides a simple, powerful tool to streamline the creative process from capture to distribution.

2003: Los Angeles offices

Industrial Color opens offices in Los Angeles.

2004: Miami offices

Industrial Color expands, opening offices in Miami.

2006: globaledit® development brought in-house

Globaledit launches its in-house software development and data center to push workflow innovation and hosted services.

2007: CG Division launched

Industrial Color and Impact Digital launch a CG division to offer new creative technology for print and video clients.

2008: Motion capture and post-production

Industrial Color launches video capture and post-production services.

2010: globaledit® iOS app

As Apple launches the first iPad, globaledit® simultaneously releases its globaledit App for iOS, ushering in the first mobile production workflow platform.

2012: Industrial Color Brands created

The brand portfolio is consolidated into a new entity: Industrial Color Brands, a family of integrated creative production services.

2015: Smashbox Studios relaunched

Industrial Color Brands partners with Smashbox Cosmetics to renovate and operate the legendary Smashbox Studios in LA.

2016: Acquisition of eBay Studios

Industrial Color Brands acquired eBay studios in order to expand services for eCommerce clients. The Tribeca office added two new studios to its footprint and with the acquisition, Industrial Color Brands gained studios in Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

So as you can see we’re not simply a technology provider, we are your peer. We’ve been first to market across several areas of creative production and have earned our reputation as pioneers.
But while we are creatives, we don’t think we know it all. Our customers, over 4,000 users, have been providing us with feedback about their pain points and challenges which have been the drivers of ongoing innovation.
That is the value of globaledit®. Technology for creatives designed and built by creatives.