We’re introducing a new series on the blog to get “up close and personal” with our dedicated team members who work every day to improve the world of creative production. In these interviews, you will learn what drives our dynamic crew, how they work together, and some of their quirks and interests.  At the end of the day, what makes them awesome makes our creative production awesome.

First up – Product Manager, Tommy Lionelli. Prior to joining us from San Francisco, Tommy spent a few years building products for students and faculty at the University of Phoenix. Now that he’s landed in NYC, his interests include pizza, bagels, and listening to recordings of himself talking in his sleep (yes, there’s an app for that). Check out our interview below!


Q: Describe your role as a globaledit Product Manager.

globaledit tech talks, Tech Talks: Tommy Lionelli, globaledit®A:  To put it simply, I design and help create new features for globaledit, while serving as a hub between customers, sales, top management and the engineering department.  I help define what the strategic direction of globaledit is, and then come up with features that deliver that vision.  From there, I work on designing the features and collaborating with development to get it live.

Creating the features involves solving complex problems and focus – both technically and creatively. I love what I do because I can utilize both my creative side (user experience/design) and the next minute brainstorm on how different implementations may be more technically straightforward. I get to define new functionality that has to be useful and intuitive without being so clever that it becomes confusing.


Q:  What is the greatest obstacle facing collaborative teams and workflow?

A: When the photo production process first made the move from analog to digital, we gained days or weeks of time savings. But it’s becoming more difficult to make such drastic improvements in saving time. Now with the digital process having been established, shaving hours or minutes off can be really challenging but this is why our customers trust us and use globaledit. We have the people and the vision to keep up.


Q: Where does globaledit fit in among the creative and tech worlds?

A:  globaledit was born as a result of an industry need for a review and approval tool. Our creative production DNA is what made us successful and what keeps globaledit on the cutting edge.  Our sister companies Fast Ashleys Studios, Impact Digital, and Industrial Color Productions give us direct contact with the best players and tools in the industry. I have first-class production professionals sitting two seats away from me that can help validate the product in-house before we ship anything.

What I’ve been trying to bring is a next level of maturity to our software development process.  We drastically improved the frequency in which we ship high-quality products and features, and we are just getting started.


Q:  What challenges do you face in your specific role as Product Manager?

A:  globaledit’s value is clear – we help professional photo/video producers make creative decisions, faster.  What globaledit tech talks, Tech Talks: Tommy Lionelli, globaledit®makes my role difficult is that the creative process varies drastically from one organization to another.  Not to mention we serve a large group of production industries ranging from ecommerce, to fashion, to media and entertainment.  As you could imagine, boiling down features to offer solutions for everyone is hard work.


Q: What keeps you motivated in your day-to-day?

A:  Positive user feedback is the best. To deliver a new feature and hear a customer say, “You just saved me so much time,” or, “You just made my life so much easier” – even to see how jazzed developers get when they hear that good feedback – keeps me super excited.


Q:  How do you see globaledit evolving in the future?

A:   Being adaptive and agile is in our DNA. So big picture, I know we’ll continue to evolve along with developments in the tech/production sphere while adding innovation to our own product suite. More specifically, we’re testing some hush-hush features that I think will make globaledit synonymous with creative production.


Q:  What are some of the coolest tools you use?

A:  One of my most leaned-on tools is Google Drive/Google Docs. Google Drive and other cloud-based tools (like globaledit) are changing how we all work.  ‘Save’ is nearly obsolete in my vocabulary and I dread using Microsoft Office. Drive has replaced Office, which seemed to be an irreplaceable tool for me.

I also really like ‘If This Then That’ (IFTTT). It’s a great automation tool for my personal life.  It takes simple or tedious tasks and takes care of them for me.  I love their combination of design simplicity with powerful function.

Stay tuned for the next candidate in our series!