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By Globaledit
Sep 18, 2014

We stepped away from the development side of the globaledit team in this round of our ‘Tech Talk’ series to focus on the front lines of customer support.  We chatted up Account Manager, Carl Sison, to find out more about what he does and to give you a little more insight into the person on the other end of the phone.  And between his unique career path and his covert life in the military he couldn’t be more qualified to answer the call when you need help.
How did you first hear about globaledit?  

I was actually a client.  At the time I was a project manager at a well known photo representation company, which had a web start-up component.  We used globaledit as our content management system to receive imagery from photographers all over the United States. We also used it as a central repository for all imagery and as a way to send high res files to clients, publicists, and PR firms.
As a user what stood out for you compared to other similar products in the creative industry?
The account management team. No other web based content management or work in progress system offers the same support. A lot of these platforms have a support tech line, where you never know who you are talking to each time you call.
So how did you end up joining the team?

++01_Look_020I called globaledit with a support question and Phil, one of our account managers picked up the call.  He invited me over for a training session and breakfast one morning at their headquarters.  So I went and met with the team and they were more than helpful, teaching me tips and tricks, in addition to taking me on a tour of the office space. In passing Phil mentioned that he was going to be moving out of state soon. I was so impressed with the company culture and environment that within a month I applied for his position. I have now been working here for 18 months.

Now that you’re on the other side, how do you describe your role as an Account Manager?
It might sound cheesy, but my goal as an account manager is to be a customers best friend. Our clients have our direct line and we are directly involved and invested in their projects. I try my best to break down the wall of just being general tech support and be seen as more of an expert that they can rely on, someone who is an actual integral member of their production team. If a client feels as though I am part of their team and consults with me regularly for advice and for help with their projects I know that I am doing a good job. Overall, I ensure that their day-to-day workflow is running smoothly and all production work is on time and exhibits the best quality to ensure that clients are happy.
+01_Look_118Do you have a stand-out example of when you’ve been able to do that?
In one case Industrial Color Productions actually sent us over an emergency situation one of their clients was in.  The photographer they were working with had a crazy deadline and urgently needed to get a hard drive full of Hi-Res images from New York to Paris by sunrise the next day.  All the cloud based services he tried would have taken over 12 hours to process between upload and download time.  He was about to put someone on a plane and fly them overnight and hand carry the hard drive to the creative agency before the offices opened.  It took only four hours once we put it in globaledit, and we were able to upload low res previews simultaneously so the creative team could start working while the high resolution files were uploading. All the images were downloaded and ready in Paris well before sunrise. I have the feeling that we saved that shoot!
What’s your favorite part of the job?
My favorite part of the job is the company culture.  As I mentioned before, this is what initially attracted me to working with globaledit. I also love working with our development team. And its cool to be in the same space as our sister divisions. Every day I walk by the retouching team at Impact Digital and see the amazing work they’re doing. Or I’ll come in one day and Industrial Color Productions is doing a camera test in the the middle of the office.  There’s a lot going on which keeps it interesting.
Speaking of interesting…You have another important role outside of globaledit. Can you tell us about that?
I’m a First Lieutenant in the New Jersey Army National Guard and serve as a Military Intelligence Officer for a Light Infantry Battalion based out of North New Jersey. Balancing between the two lives of being an account manager at globaledit and a member of the National Guard has been interesting as I have to serve the state whenever they call for my service.  We’re trained to support civilian and state issues, such as natural disasters and civil disturbances, as well as foreign threats.
Have you brought back any applicable skills that help in your day-to-day?
Definitely, especially when it comes to crisis management and the ability to handle multiple, severe instances at a time and still retain a level headed posture. I like to think that I respond quickly and remain unphased. This comes in handy on a daily basis while giving all of our clients an equal and fair amount of attention and resolve whatever issues arise immediately.
Where have you traveled to on duty?
The National Guard has taken me to all corners of the Continental United States, from Washington State, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, and Virginia just to name a few. The coolest place was Arizona, by far.
What is the most memorable moment of your service?  
Hurricane Sandy was one of the biggest operational missions that I’ve had to deal with. I was stationed at the command and control center in North Jersey where we were supporting humanitarian aid missions. We were able to have soldiers on the ground working with first responders and EMS within the minutes of the Governor’s orders. We worked heavily in Hoboken and Mantoloking, two of the most heavily hit cities. My job was to facilitate risk management by liaising with local law enforcement, EMS, and FEMA. The most difficult aspect was pulling large amounts of data from different agencies, conducting analysis, and immediately distributing it to our line commanders.
525485_10152231599400122_227221605_nOutside of globaledit and The National Guard, what do you do in your spare time?
I am pretty outdoorsy and love to hike and camp whenever I can get out there. I have been fortunate enough to have hiked a variety of trails including the parts of the Appalachian Trail, the southern parts of the Rocky Mountains, and the terrain of Southern Arizona.
Requisite final question- Any hidden talents?
I can tie 13 different kinds of knots. I also kick ass at Jenga. And run a 5 minute mile.
Impressive. Thank you so much, Carl!
Stay tuned for our next interview in the series.
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