Tech Talks: Andrew Cho

By Globaledit
Jan 21, 2015

We’re ringing in the New Year with a brand-new ‘Tech Talk’! Join us as we chat with Andrew Cho, an iOS developer at globaledit, and learn about the nuances of iOS programming and his humble beginnings as a kid coder.

What is your role at globaledit?

In a nutshell, I’m responsible for globaledit’s ever-improving iOS platform. Optimizing user experience is a key tenet of our product team so my job is to create a seamless transition from our web client to on-the-go production with an iPad or iPhone. We make sure globaledit is optimized across all platforms—from markups to approvals and selects to sharing.

What recent project have you worked on? Was it challenging?

We recently pushed a new and improved markup editor to both the web and iOS platforms. With new colors, different shapes, and stroke sizes, globaledit more accurately mimics the markup process in real life, in only half the time.

As far as what was challenging, probably all of it! Creating a mobile application requires lots attention to little nuances, like connectivity, crash logging, and beta testing. We have to watch out for scenarios like losing service or accidentally closing the app. Ultimately, iOS development is a tricky field that requires a lot of testing and QA.

andrew-2How do you brainstorm new ideas and features for globaledit?

From our everyday conversations to discussions with the product team, we’re constantly throwing new ideas around and trying to innovate. Sometimes it’s just a sudden flash of inspiration, and other times it’s the result of hours and hours of coding at our monthly ‘Hackathons’ (24-hour sessions of taking concepts to working prototypes).

And it’s honestly a never-ending process. Once you have your assets in the cloud, the possibilities are limitless in terms of collaboration and sharing!

What are some of your favorite tools or apps to use?

A lot of the apps that I love are related to my job. (I would say that I’m definitely a workaholic.)

  • Xcode: I use this software to design and build the globaledit app! Definitely my bread and butter of developing for iOS.
  • Crashlytics: A beta testing platform and crash reporting tool tidily wrapped up in one app—it saves a lot of time and headaches.
  • Network Link Conditioner: It’s a great tool that simulates various connectivity scenarios. Overall, it helps a lot in testing apps’ performances in real life situations.

How did you start programming? andrew-3

It actually all began in elementary school when I first flipped through a programming magazine. It showed me all the amazing things you could do with code, like make web apps or create your own video games. To an 8-year-old like me at the time, it was absolutely mind-blowing. From that point onward, I spent lots of long nights hovering over my computer creating my own games.

However, at the time, I didn’t think of it as a potential career path. It was more of a hobby than anything else. It wasn’t until college and during internships that I realized that programming presented a lot of opportunities for me, in terms of making people’s visions and dreams a reality.

What kind of apps have you created, and which one is your current favorite? 

I’ve actually been all over the place in terms of creating apps. I’ve developed apps for the financial services, education, and health industries.

My favorite out of all of them? It might be cheesy to say, but globaledit is my favorite because it’s my best work so far.

IMG_6316What hobbies or interests do you have?

For someone who has stuck to a computer for most of my life, nature has actually been one of my favorite topics to explore. When I’m home, I try to tune to nature documentaries and play with my cat, Coco. And when I get to travel, hiking through amazing places is my passion. I’ve managed to trek through the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Kauai, and every moment was breathtaking!

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