Streamlining Retouching Workflow [Snackinar Recording]

By Globaledit

Collaborating and sharing content has never been easier, and the demand to do so quickly, never greater.

In this Snackinar, we continued our new series focusing on the craft of digital photo and video production. We interviewed top talent from across the creative industry to learn how they use their skills to create top-notch visuals for their audiences.

For our second edition, join us as we take a closer look at the creative workflow behind the making of iconic images.
Our guest Katie Ryan, Account Director at retouching & CGI super-boutique Impact Digital, joined us to share:

  • The evolution of digital photo retouching
  • The challenges faced by retouching teams
  • Tips and tricks for a smooth retouching workflow

Katie has over 8 years of fashion industry experience in retouching, both on the client side and the agency side.
Impact Digital is a high-end retouching & CGI super-boutique based in New York City, embracing all types of projects ranging from editorial work to global advertising, in-store and e-commerce campaigns. Find out more about the Art of Retouching in a new series: “Anatomy of a Super Boutique”.
Check out the recording below!